Baby Boy Names That Are Completely Taking Over 2020

More people may start looking up baby boy names in 2020, since some experts predict that the year will bring a baby boom thanks to people all over the world being forced to stay at home for extended periods of time. Whether or not more babies than usual are born, the babies ushering in the new decade are going to need names.

Picking the perfect baby name can be a tricky and time-consuming process, but one good way to narrow down the search is to look at trending names. Based on user data from the baby website BabyCenter, which keeps an up-to-date ranking of the year's hottest names, we have a pretty good idea of the male baby names that are exploding in popularity in 2020. From names rooted in ancient myths to modern monikers, here are some of the baby names for boys that are completely taking over the year 2020. Expect to see more kids with these names in the future!


While the name Cameron has been used as a gender neutral name for decades, it's still more popular with baby boys. The fact that the moniker is so popular is interesting considering its not-so-great meaning. According to Behind the Name, Cameron was originally a Scottish last name that comes from the Gaelic words for "crooked nose." It's not the most elegant of definitions, but that hasn't stopped parents from giving it to their babies in droves.

Why is the baby boy name Cameron taking over 2020? It might have something to do with some of the celebrities named Cameron. Some parents may be choosing the name in honor of the late actor Cameron Boyce, star of Disney Channel's Descendants films and the show Jessie. Boyce tragically passed away in 2019, leaving behind countless heartbroken fans. There's also the actor Cameron Monaghan, who has starred on popular shows like Gotham and Shameless. Then, of course, there is perhaps the most famous Cameron of them all: Cameron Diaz.


This name is a bit, dare we say, legendary. The baby boy name Legend is rather unusual, but that hasn't stopped the moniker from jumping up the baby name charts in 2020, according to BabyCenter. If you're looking for a name for your baby boy that is a little bit off the beaten path but still not too peculiar, Legend is certainly it. As noted by Behind the Name, Legend can trace its roots to the Latin word "legere" which means "to read." The name only began to gain traction as a given name in the 2010s. Now it's poised to become one of the hottest names for baby boys.

Part of that drive may be motivated by iconic singer John Legend, whose stage name is decidedly more contemporary than his given name of John Stephens. Maybe your own little Legend will grow up with a love of music inspired by his namesake.


If you are aiming to pick the perfect name for your baby boy, Archer is a solid choice. This name has the top of the charts in its sights, based on BabyCenter data. A relative newcomer to the ranks of popular baby names, Archer could be seen as an alternative to Hunter, another popular baby name for boys. Names ending in "-er" seem to be getting a boost in 2020. Other "-er" names that are slowly rising in the rankings include Gunner, Cooper, and Sawyer.

According to Behind the Name, Archer was originally a surname that started to slowly see traction as a given name in the late 2000s. The name is also popular in New Zealand, Australia, England, and Wales.

Pop culture hasn't given us a lineup of Archers, yet, or at least it hasn't given us big celebs who have Archer as a first name. There is, however, a popular animated show called Archer. Could this be part of what is helping the baby boy name Archer shoot up the rankings and take over 2020?


The meaning of the baby name Enzo is uncertain. While it is often used as a shortened form of names ending in "enzo" such as Vincenzo or Lorenzo, Behind the Name noted that it's a bit more complicated than that. The name may also be an Italian form of the name Heinz, or even a variation of the name Anzo. Whatever the roots of the name truly are, Enzo is completely taking over 2020. Not only has the name been popular in several countries around the world, including Belgium, France, Spain, and the Netherlands, but the name saw a big boost in popularity in 2019, according to BabyCenter.

Some parents may view Enzo as a fresher alternative to the more popular Ezra, which is seeing widespread use in 2020. Others however, may be taking their cue from the noted WWE wrestler Enzo Amore. Whatever their reasons for picking this baby boy name, parents are helping Enzo fight its way to the top of the charts in 2020.


Another name that is rising to the top of the charts in 2020 is River. Based on BabyCenter data, this moniker is flowing nicely and has seen a big increase in popularity since 2019. While River is actually a gender neutral name and has seen plenty of traction as a baby name for girls, it is still far more popular for baby boys — at least in the U.S. As noted by Behind the Name, River is popular not just in the U.S. but also in England and Wales, where its usage for baby girls seems to be as common as it is for baby boys. The name River ultimately comes from the Latin word "ripa" which means "riverbank."

Parents choosing this baby boy name for their children might be thinking of the late actor River Phoenix of Stand by Me fame, or perhaps they are Doctor Who fans and want to pay tribute to the show's unforgettable character River Song.


Fans of the show Downton Abbey will appreciate the fact that Karson, the name of the Crawley family's formidable butler, is getting a chance to shine in 2020 — albeit with a slightly altered spelling. Downton Abbey's Carson joins other famous Carsons like television personality Carson Daly and NFL player Carson Wentz.

While Carson is the more standard spelling of the name, it's the spelling alternative Karson that is being driven to the top of the list at BabyCenter. This seems to be part of a trend in which baby names that traditionally start with the letter "C" are swapped out for versions that sound the same but are spelled with a "K" instead. Other baby boy names following in Karson's footsteps include Kaleb, Kameron, Kolton, and Kade. According to Behind the Name, the name Carson, which has seen popularity in Canada, Scotland, England, and Wales, is rooted in a Scottish last name which is of uncertain origin.


Atlas is a name that you definitely won't want to shrug off because it has been on the rise in 2020, according to BabyCenter. While the moniker might seem a little bit bookish and conjure up images of dusty maps and travel guides, the name Atlas has a pretty cool history rooted in Greek mythology. As noted by Behind the Name, the name Atlas may come from the Greek word "tlao" which means "to endure." While it's uncertain if this explanation of the name's meaning is accurate, it makes sense, as the mythological Atlas was a Titan who was punished for taking part in a war against Zeus by being made to balance the heavens on his shoulders.

Atlas' surge in popularity is long overdue. The baby boy name's history makes Atlas the perfect choice for parents hoping that their baby boy's name will inspire him to be resilient and strong — and who wouldn't want those qualities in their baby?


The baby boy name Bryce is short and sweet, and it's climbing to the top of the charts on BabyCenter in 2020. As noted by Behind the Name, this moniker is an alternate spelling of the far less popular Brice. Parents may also be turning to this name as an alternative to Bryson, which is falling out of favor in 2020. The name Bryce has ancient roots, and comes from the name Bricius which is thought to come from a Gaulish name that means "speckled." Notably, Brice was the name of a 5th century saint.

In modern times, Bryce seems to be the preferred version of the name. Maybe one day your baby Bryce will visit Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah or go to a baseball game and see the athlete Bryce Harper in action. One thing that is certain, though, is that you can't do anything but hit a home run with the name Bryce.


While the name Kyrie has religious roots, any parent would be happy with this strong name for their little boy. Kyrie is ascending towards the top of BabyCenter's list of popular baby boy names in 2020. The name feels decidedly trendy as "K" names like Kai and Kaiden are some of the most popular monikers of the year. Behind the Name noted that the name comes from the Greek word "kyrios," which means "lord" and can also be found in the name of a Christian prayer, the "Kyrie eleison," which means "Lord, have mercy." This version of Kyrie is pronounced as "KEE-ri-ay."

The fact that the name Kyrie is becoming more popular in 2020 isn't just because of its religious connection, though. A lot of parents are likely inspired to use the name because of the basketball player Kyrie Irving. Irving says his name a bit differently than it's pronounced in the prayer, pronouncing his name as "KIE-ree."


Names inspired by Greek mythology seem to be getting their heyday in 2020. One of the Greek-inspired baby boy names climbing through the ranks at BabyCenter is Adonis, which saw a big jump in popularity since 2019. Not far behind the name Adonis are Orion and Apollo which, while less popular than Adonis, also saw a leap in popularity in 2020.

The name Adonis comes from the Phoenician name Adonai, which means "lord," as noted by Behind the Name. In Greek mythology, Adonis was the name of a shepherd who was beloved by the goddess Aphrodite.

It's more than just the mythological roots that have people jumping all over the chance to name their baby boys Adonis in 2020, though. The name has also seen a boost in popularity because it was the name given to the son of superstar rapper Drake. With such a storied history, it's no wonder that so many parents are finding the name Adonis perfect for their baby boys.


While other baby boy names with "Max" in them, such as Maximus and Max itself, slid down the rankings in 2020, Maxwell is taking over, according to BabyCenter. Maximilian has also seen a big increase in popularity, although it's nowhere near as high on the list as Maxwell. Behind the Name noted that the name Maxwell is also widespread in Canada, Australia, England, and Wales. It comes from a Scottish last name meaning "Mack's stream" and is rooted in the Scandinavian name Magnus, which means "great." It's easy to see how parents in 2020 are seeing the greatness in this name, especially since it already has the built-in nickname of Max in it.

The name was made more popular in the late 2010s thanks to the singer Maxwell helping to bring it into the mainstream, but it also has historical roots as a last name. Scientifically inclined parents who like the name Maxwell will likely be familiar with James Clerk Maxwell, who was a 19th century Scottish physicist.


While the name Adriel might sound like it is a modern invention, it actually has quite ancient roots. As noted by Behind the Name, the moniker means "flock of God" in Hebrew. The name can be found in the Old Testament of the Bible. While the name Adriel slowly started gaining traction in the U.S. in the 2000s, it wasn't until 2020 that it really started to take over, according to BabyCenter's user data.

Parents who are finding themselves drawn to the name Adriel in 2020 may be attracted to it because it bears similarities to other beloved names like Adrian, Aiden, and Ariel. The name Adriel may also be seeing a boost because it's the name of the popular Latin American singer Adriel Favela. Whatever the reasons parents have for picking the name, the baby boy name Adriel is really heating up in the year 2020, and we wouldn't be surprised if there were a lot of boys running around with the name in the future.


Two-syllable baby boy names are all the rage in 2020. One of the two-syllable names rising to the top of the charts on BabyCenter is Ivan. If you like the sound of the more popular Ian or Evan, then you should definitely consider Ivan because it's the perfect blend of the two names.

As noted by Behind the Name, the name is popular in more than a dozen countries, including the U.S., Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Hungary, Russia, England, and Wales. Believe it or not, the name Ivan is actually connected to the perennial favorite John. John is one of the most popular names in history and, like Ivan, comes from the Greek Ioannes. The name John can also trace itself back to the Hebrew name Yochanan, which means "Yahweh is gracious." This root name has spawned many variations over the years, including the aforementioned Ian and Evan, as well as the names Sean and Jack.

The variation Ivan may be increasing in popularity not only as parents seek out alternatives to more common, similar-sounding names, but also because of boxing fans who are inspired by Ivan Calderon.


While some parents in 2020 are opting for short and simple baby boy names, others are going the opposite route and giving their babies long and stately names. One such name that's seen a big boost in popularity, according to BabyCenter, is Giovanni. While, as noted by Behind the Name, Giovanni can be traced to Italy, it's popular in a few other countries as well, including the U.S., France, and the Netherlands. Giovanni has a long history and has been beloved in Italy since the Middle Ages. Two notable historical figures to be named Giovanni are Renaissance artists: painter Giovanni Bellini and sculptor Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini. In modern times, the most well-known person named Giovanni is perhaps actor Giovanni Ribisi.

Maybe your own Giovanni will be inspired to enter the arts himself when he learns about the people who have borne this name. If you're worried about the name being too long for a baby, though, have no fear. Giovanni lends itself well to nicknames, such as Gio.


Fans of Axl Rose finally have another reason to name their baby boys after the Guns N' Roses singer. The name, with a slightly different spelling, is one that is taking over 2020 based on BabyCenter's user data. While some people may be put off by the name Axel thanks to the fact that it sounds like the word axle, the baby boy name's history more than makes up for its mechanical connotation.

As noted by Behind the Name, Axel is popular in several countries across the world, including the U.S., France, Spain, the Netherlands, England, and Wales. The name has medieval roots and is the Danish form of Absalom, an ancient name that can be found in the Bible that comes from the Hebrew name "Avshalom," which means "my father is peace."

The name Axel also has a connection to figure skating, as it's the name of the Axel jump, one of the most well-known moves in the sport.