The Untold Truth About Jenna Bush Hager's Husband

It's likely that you know the name of Jenna Bush Hager's husband, Henry Hager, only in combination with the former first kid. Indeed, he married the twin daughter of President George W. Bush in a private ceremony at her parents' ranch near Crawford, Texas back in 2008, as reported by People. And now, the two share three children together. But what else do you know about the famous husband?

Details on his high-profile marriage and family life — not to mention the Hager family lineage — can prove elusive. And that may be by design, as his wife stays in the spotlight as a co-host on the Today show (and, of course, as a former first daughter). But Hager is an established professional in his own right, with a resume boasting gigs in politics and business. Here's the untold truth of Jenna Bush Hager's husband and what you need to know about the dad, politico, and businessman. 

Jenna Bush Hager's husband enjoyed the outdoors as a kid

Although Henry Hager and his wife have a home on Long Island's North Shore — one so stunning that Veranda magazine featured the property, its transformation, and its decor in 2019. In the story, which featured idyllic photos and a vibe to match, Jenna Bush Hager revealed details of the property's poolhouse, where a family of birds live in the lofted ceiling, making nests in its painted beams. When it rains, the Hagers enjoy hanging out in that space along with the birds, soaking in the connection with nature. 

Bush Hager explained to Veranda that the whole environment is just right for her, her husband, and their family, giving insight into her husband's past. She noted that Hager's childhood featured significant time outside in a casual, comfortable setting. "There's something magnificent about sitting under there with your friends and kids watching the rain," she told Veranda. "You're outdoors and you're barefoot. It's how Henry and I grew up, and it's what we want for our children."

Jenna Bush Hager's husband comes from a "sterling" Republican pedigree

When The Washington Post carried news of Henry Hager's engagement to Jenna Bush Hager in 2007, the paper noted that the groom-to-be was bringing a "sterling Republican pedigree" to the marriage. Hager's father, John, was a former lieutenant governor of Virginia before later heading the state's Republican Party as its chairman. He held the role until 2008, when he lost his bid for re-election to Jeff Frederick at a statewide GOP convention, according to Richmond Times-Dispatch.

In his memoir, Best Seat in the House, released in 2018, the elder Hager included some testimonials about his perseverance (notably, he was stricken with polio earlier in his life) and his character — one written by the former president George W. Bush. "I got to know John a while before his fine son, Henry, married my daughter Jenna," Bush wrote in the book. "At first I was struck by John's energy, optimism and enthusiasm for life. When I heard his story, it made these characteristics even more meaningful. He is a fine example for all Americans, and I'm proud to call him [a] friend."

We assume Jenna Bush Hager's husband must feel the same way.

Jenna Bush Hager's husband, Henry Hager, studied business and has an MBA

Henry Hager graduated from St. Christopher's School, an all-boys college preparatory school in Richmond, Va., in 1996, according to The Washington Times. One of his teachers there described him as "bright, articulate, polite and kind," according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch. In the same article, a neighbor said, "He never sought the spotlight," noting, "Henry's a good boy. I watched him grow up."

From there, he earned his undergraduate degree, a Bachelor of Science, from Wake Forest University in 2000. As he prepared to wed Jenna Bush Hager on May 10, 2008, he was set to receive his master's degree, an MBA, from the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia, just a week later on May 18. By the way, he also turned 30 years old that May (via Good Housekeeping), so there was certainly a lot to celebrate at the time.

Jenna Bush Hager's husband used to work for her dad

After Jenna Bush Hager's husband, Henry Hager, graduated from Wake Forest University in 2000, he headed to serve as staff assistant to the White House senior advisor to President George W. Bush from 2001 to 2003. From there, he joined President Bush's 2004 re-election campaign team as a deputy operations manager, according to his George W. Bush Presidential Center bio.

It was on the campaign trail that he met his future wife, the president's daughter Jenna Bush Hager... although their trajectory into a relationship was not instant. In fact, Hager actually had a girlfriend at the time their paths first crossed, as Bush Hager revealed on the Today show. Eventually, mutual friends arranged to set them up; Hager came over to watch a Texas football game, and the deal was sealed. The chemistry between them was apparently undeniable, and the pair kissed that night. The rest is history.

How Jenna Bush Hager's parents first felt about her future husband

At first, Jenna Bush Hager's mother, Laura Bush, didn't take Henry Hager seriously as a prospect for her daughter. "This is not a serious boyfriend — I hate to have to be the one to say it on television," she actually confessed in a TV interview in early 2005, as reported in The Washington Post. "But he's a very nice young man." 

But despite her own doubts, her husband ultimately approved. "Our little girl, Jenna, married a really good guy," President George W. Bush remarked at a press conference before returning to Washington, D.C., following the wedding, as covered by InStyle.

The groom had reportedly been working on making a good impression prior to the nuptials. Jenna Bush Hager's husband asked his bride's dad for her hand in marriage. It was an old-fashioned gesture that his mother, Maggie, had insisted on. She explained in an interview with The Washington Post that she expected all members of her family to follow the family rules. According to Bush Hager's book Sisters First: Stories from Our Wild and Wonderful Life, Bush Hager's dad was sold before the groom could even communicate his whole pre-planned speech, and he called out for his wife to come in and witness the exciting event as it unfolded.

Jenna Bush Hager's husband is a big-time businessman

With his political background and MBA, Henry Hager was bound for professional success. These days, Jenna Bush Hager's husband is on the board of directors for the George W. Bush Presidential Center, according to his bio on its website. He's also the managing director at Waterous Energy Fund, a North American private equity firm that seeks to invest in major oil and gas businesses with big-time assets. To let Waterous' own tagline explain the work it does: "We're Not Venture Capitalists, We're Restructuring Partners."

Before joining Waterous Energy Fund, he was also a director with the American global investment firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts with a focus on energy and infrastructure. He spent six years with the firm.

Prior to joining Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, Hager did a stint with Constellation Energy, an energy company. Hager worked in the company's corporate strategy and development group.

Jenna Bush Hager's husband is a grill master and loves to host parties

Henry Hager and his wife upgraded the main living space in their Long Island home with help from One Kings Lane stylist Alex Reid, a revamp meant to encourage a family-style vibe while providing a gracious and sophisticated place for adults to gather, too. Getting the mood just right was important to Hager, in part because he loves to entertain and grill for his guests. "Henry loves to grill, and we both love to throw dinner parties, especially in the summer," Jenna Bush Hager told One Kings Lane. Other favorite party meals include grilled fish tacos and Texas casseroles like migas, according to Veranda.

The designer helped encourage that hosting spirit by bringing in a bar cart for guests to serve themselves and adding a settee and chairs alongside the family's marble table. Hager likes to share the settee with his wife, according to One King's Lane, enjoying a view of the harbor from that perch presumably just as much as he enjoys welcoming friends and family into the home.

Jenna Bush Hager's husband, Henry Hager, is rich

If you think Jenna Bush Hager's husband, Henry Hager, is stacking major cash, well, you'd be right. Celebrity Net Worth puts his net worth in the range of about $10 million, as of 2019. Keep in mind that figure represents a combined net worth with his wife, so let's attempt to break it down. 

We know Hager comes from a family of significant status and that he himself transitioned from an early political career to a series of gigs in the private sector with employment at big-time businesses. So it's not surprising that his earnings could feasibly add up to an eight-figure tally that, it's fair to say, makes him a decidedly rich man. Plus, Bush Hager's Today show co-hosting job alone pays a salary of about $4 million, as cited by Celebrity Net Worth, though that's not confirmed, as a Today rep told Page Six that the organization's policy is to not comment on talent contracts.

Hager spends some of his riches on lavish assets — like on his family's house in Long Island and on the part-heirloom sapphire and diamond engagement ring he gave Bush Hager.