The Truth About Teddi Mellencamp's Husband

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Teddi Mellencamp might be the face of her family, but as any true fan of the show would know her husband Edwin Arroyave plays just as big a part in their family's life. The couple shares three children, daughter Slate, son Cruz, and newly born daughter Dove. But Mellencamp is also stepmom to Arroyave's daughter Isabella from a previous relationship (via Bravo's The Daily Dish). Celebrating her 10th birthday in 2018, Mellencamp wrote on Instagram, "From the moment your daddy introduced me to you I knew my life was forever changed in a way I could have never imagined." She continued, "I am so grateful to have gotten to know and grow with you. You are smart, kind, beautiful and talented and I can't believe you are 10 years old." Though further details about Arroyave's romantic past remain hush hush, what we do know is that he is a great dad. Often seen onscreen with Mellencamp and their family, here's what we know about Teddi's other half.

Edwin Arroyave is the CEO and Founder of Skyline Security Management

According to his website, Arroyave is the CEO and Founder of Skyline Security Management. Born in Colombia, he moved to Los Angelos at a young age and quickly took charge of his family finances, co-founding a global security business in 1999. By 2004, he went out on his own and opened Skyline, said to be the largest authorized dealer of Brinks Home Security in the United States. As per the Skyline Security Management website, the company has been named one of Inc.'s Fastest Growing Private Companies in America for a total of three years in a row, and Arroyave has won many awards that cement his well-earned position as a successful entrepreneur. Fans of the show will know that in addition to heading up his own business, he plays a huge role in supporting Teddi and her popular accountability company, ALL IN by Teddi.

Here's how Edwin and Teddi met

Teddi Mellencamp and Edwin Arroyave became a couple after a one-night stand in 2008. "I could try to sugarcoat it," Teddi admitted on her debut episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (via Romper), "But it was a one-night stand." She explained, "It was supposed to be a one-night stand! I woke up with some guy I thought's name was Edward. His name is Edwin!" she laughed. And the rest is history.

Mellencamp and Arroyave married in 2011 in Paris and have been going strong ever since (via Bravo). However, Teddi is the first to admit that having a happy marriage takes a lot of work, revealing on her Instagram: "Marriage is not perfect, but, knowing you found the person that you are willing to fight for for [sic] the rest of your life when hard things happen makes my heart feel full."

Edwin and Teddi are open about their struggle to conceive

Edwin Arroyave and Teddi Mellencamp have always been very open about their struggles with fertility with Teddi revealing that she's actually experienced several miscarriages. "I had multiple miscarriages before Cruz and the IVF process was very hard for me and I am not sure I can go through it again," she bravely shared on Instagram in 2018. 

However, their third child Dove happened naturally and was a pleasant surprise for the two reality TV stars. "My husband said, 'I don't want to see you going through IVF again — that was brutal,'" Teddi told Us Weekly. "It was so many rounds, but this time we really weren't doing anything! I was on vacation! Just having fun with my family! It was a complete surprise." She continued, "I didn't even know I was because I didn't have a regular cycle."

Edwin and Teddi haven't ruled out more children

Despite their fertility struggles, and with four children between them, Edwin Arroyave and Teddi Mellencamp are yet to completely rule out expanding their family further. "Right after Dove was born, Edwin was like, 'You know, babe? I could do another,'" Teddi revealed during Q&A session on her Instagram Story (via US Weekly). "I was like, 'What?' I mean, to be honest, no, probably not. But I never say never," she admitted. 

Regardless, Arroyave will continue to be Dad of the Year to Teddi and his kids. "Thank you for putting so many smiles on our kids faces, working so hard for our family, and being the most playful dad," Teddi wrote on Instagram this Father's Day. "You are the best tickle monster, Six Flags attending, silly dancing, top notch wrestler and chess-playing Dad I know. We love you to the moon and back."