7 Little Johnstons: The Truth About Elizabeth's New Boyfriend

7 Little Johnstons is back for a brand new season but fans of the show will remember last time around poor Elizabeth didn't finish things up in the best shape. Viewers of the hit TLC show watched as she was heartbreakingly dumped by text by her boyfriend James. "I guess you can say I am angry but I have to put on the mask and show that I am okay," she opined at the time.

Thankfully, we're not in a for a whole season of sadness because Elizabeth has a brand new guy in her life and he seems totally perfect for her. Long-time fans will know the teen hasn't had it easy when it comes to finding romance, so this is an especially positive development for her.

Elizabeth Johnston is loved up with an average-sized high schooler

Monsters and Critics featured an exclusive clip from the show during which Elizabeth discusses her new, average-sized paramour, Brice. Gushing in her confessional about all the great times they've had together so far, she seems totally smitten. Likewise, Elizabeth confirms Brice has no issue with her size, nor do his parents, which gives her pause because the teen is used to judgment from others about how she looks.

A sweet fishing date featured in the first episode showcases how the two interact with each other, and how the romantic feeling is clearly mutual, particularly when Brice has his turn to gush over his new lady in a confessional interview, enthusing, "Liz is great. I love being with her, and I would love to be with her for a very long time if she wants me to."

They also do an interview together, just to share the love even more (descriptors like "sweet" and "amazing" are used). The rest of the season will see the happy couple making things official and even attending prom together.

Elizabeth Johnston seems to have found her perfect guy

Fishing enthusiast Brice's Instagram account is loaded with sweet shots of him and Elizabeth (as is hers), while there's also a lovely nod to his girlfriend in his bio, which includes her initials alongside a heart as well as references to some of his favorite things (Georgia, fishing, and hunting).

According to Distractify, Brice first appeared on Elizabeth's Twitter back in February of last year, but she described him only as a "great friend." A few days later, she posted a photo of his promposal, which included a sign that read, "It would be my goal to go to prom with you," (referencing her love of soccer).

Then, on Valentine's Day, the 7 Little Johnstons star showed off the roses Brice had gifted her. Elizabeth also shared that her night at the prom was "great" the following month. It seems the happy couple have only fallen for each other more in the intervening time.