This Is What Each Color Means In Feng Shui

Utilizing color throughout a space is one of the trickiest aspects of interior design. However, when using color in feng shui it can be used as an effective tool to direct attention and cultivate the energy of an area. It may be tempting to avoid color entirely and lean heavily on the minimalism of all white or black everything, but color is ultra-important. It's enriching and energizing. Some say that the more color you include in your day the better you will feel. Color is essentially light, and light is important to our vitality (via The Spruce). 

Devotees to feng shui believe at the foundation of all things is a vibrating life and energy force. Colors carry this same force with them, which is why it is vitally important to understand the meanings of each color. Enthusiasts believe that while you are at home, its collective energy fields are connected to you, and the colors of your home are part of this group energy (via Sleep Compare).

So color is important to feng shui, but what does each color mean for the energy of a home or space?

Red in feng shui

Red is undeniably attention grabbing, but what does it represent in feng shui? It makes sense that it symbolizes fire, and because of its intensity, red is considered a lucky color. It can be used to redirect energy and attention throughout a space, and can also represent a daring nature, boldness, and heat. However, logic would follow that if you suffer from anxiety or insomnia, a stimulating color like red isn't a great fit for you (via Mind Body Green).

Orange in feng shui

Orange is considered a "social color" in feng shui. It's thought to boost connection, creativity, and conversation. The color is helpful for people who are recovering from depression or abuse because it can be a motivational source to draw from. Not everyone is a huge fan of orange, but luckily there are many shades of the color that can activate its power in your space (via Feng Shui for Real Life).

Yellow in feng shui

Yellow is a very happy, uplifting, and stimulating color in feng shui. Think about when you're hit with the sun, or you see a vibrant yellow flower — you feel some level of mood elevation, right? Well, the same thing can happen when you add yellow to your home. Try adding some yellow to social spaces like the dining room or kitchen. If you fall in love with the effect the color has in your home, you can add an earthy or pale yellow into restful areas like the bedroom (via Sleep Compare).

Green in feng shui

Green is, to put it simply, good. It's beneficial aspects seem nearly infinite. The shade can be calming, healing, and balancing. It represents growth (think plants) and abundance. Green is a great option in a bathroom, as it lends itself to a feeling of freshness and new beginnings — exactly how we all want to feel post-shower. But the color really has no limitations, and you can add it to any space to see the benefits the lovely shade can offer.

Blue in feng shui

As with most colors, the shade of blue can make a difference when it comes to feng shui. It can be divided into two shades: blue green and deep blue. The former of the two represents youth and confidence — perfect for a teen's space. Deeper blues represent a more mature wisdom and introspection, but it can also represent mourning in ancient Chinese culture, so should be used with caution (via House Beautiful).

Purple in feng shui

Purple is most often associated with abundance and dignity in feng shui. However, it can also act as a calming or even spiritual agent. It's the culmination of blue and red, so it has the strong presence of red while some of the more soothing aspects of blue shine through. Purple is a great shade to try and dot your spaces with, and lighter shades can be used to represent romance in the bedroom.

Pink in feng shui

Everyone knows it as the Valentine color, and the holiday is pretty spot on when you look at the feng shui of pink. Pink is the color of compassion and caring. Of course, it's also the shade for love and romance. Overall, pink has a positive effect in any space. It can be associated with kindness and innocence, and is the perfect shade for a nursery as well as a bedroom.

Brown in feng shui

Brown is a color that may seem a little lackluster, but is actually bursting with feng shui benefits. Brown is reminiscent of roots and nature, so it often has a comforting and centering effect in a home. It is considered a stable color and motivates feelings of safety, making it a great choice to add in family spaces as it can enhance honesty and is a catalyst for heart-to-hearts.

Whether you just moved into a new space, or are just wanting to fix the flow of your home, try adding some color with feng shui in mind.