Where Do Home Town's Ben And Erin Napier Live?

Ben and Erin Napier of Home Town fame are known for their impressive design skills and if you don't agree with us, it's time you check out their home in Laurel, Mississippi. The 1925 Craftsman was originally spotted by the couple while they were on a walk and, according to Erin's blog (via Country Living), they loved it so much they had to say something to the owner. The couple let her know that "if she ever decided to move, to please call us because we would love to buy it," Erin wrote.

"Not two weeks later, Mrs. Mary Lyn's daughter called to ask if we would seriously like to buy it because she's tired of keeping up a yard and is thinking of moving into a condo where she won't have to worry about a thing," Erin recalled. 

And the rest is history.

Ben and Erin Napier's home is where they feel most comfortable

From the looks of both Ben and Erin's Instagram profiles, the house boasts a home office, living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry room, backyard, and bedrooms, all with a light and airy yet modern feel. Complete with a white picket fence and dreamy front porch, the Napiers feel right at home in their family home. As Erin revealed in an Instagram post in January 2016, "Every room in our house is white with exception of the 'pass through' rooms like the entryway, where I hope anyone walking in the door immediately feels cozy and welcomed." 

She continued to describe the welcoming home she has created: "You won't find photos of @btnapier and me because our walls are covered with the people we love, our grandparents and parents, holding watermelons proudly beside a lake in 1949, riding bicycles in rolled up jeans, posing with an English setter and an awkward haircut, laughing, holding up blue crabs on some distant dock. Our people were young and silly and adventurous, they shaped who we are and what we become, and their presence everywhere we turn makes home feel the way it should–the most comfortable place where we can be ourselves."