Mistakes Everyone Makes With Wedding Rings

Wedding and engagement rings are incredibly important to those of us who wear them, and we likely don't want to take them off. They're a symbol of our love, devotion, and loyalty to our special someone — not to mention they can cost a fortune. But there are certain times that the ring should be resting safely inside your bedside table and definitely not on your ring finger. Furthermore, if you aren't taking it off, you probably aren't getting it cleaned regularly, which can make your once glistening ring lack its luster. And what about insurance? Have you been putting that item from your to-do list off since your wedding?

These are the mistakes you definitely don't want to make with your precious wedding ring.

You're wearing your wedding ring all the time

If you're a gym rat, leave the ring at home. Think about all of the potential dangers for your ring: heavy equipment could crush or damage the stone and band, or the ring could hurt you. If you work professionally in some sort of athletic capacity and want to be able to wear your ring on the job, silicone wedding bands may be your best bet (via Enso Rings).

Likewise, when you clean the house, you'll definitely want to take off your ring. There are loads of hard surfaces your ring can come in contact with while cleaning counter tops, corners, shelves — the list is as long as your cleaning routine. These surfaces can seriously damage the stone and setting so it's not worth the risk. Beyond that, harsh cleaning chemicals can alter the color and degrade the shine of a ring over time (via Brides).

Cleaning your shower is another time you'll want to part ways with your ring. Your hands can get slippery with soap and your ring can slip off and fall down the drain, so if you're so attached to it that you can't imagine taking it off for a few minutes to shower, consider never seeing it again. If your drain is too small to fit a ring you're still not in the clear. Soaps and other products can dull the finish on your ring, and some can even scratch it. It's better left on dry land.

You're not maintaining or insuring your ring

You know that really neat vintage chair you just scored? Or the century old house down the road? They haven't lasted this long by accident. Nice things need to be maintained, and assuming you think your ring is nice, it also needs regular professional attention. Plus, a lot of jewelers will service your rings for free, so it's totally worth your while. Jewelers not only clean and polish any stones along with the band, they also inspect it for damage. Going in every six months or so ensures a long and healthy life for your ring (via Good Housekeeping).

Lastly, it's not a fun topic, but we've got to talk insurance. You just spent loads of money on a ring and might be planning to drop even more on a wedding, so spending extra cash on an insurance policy is probably a low priority right now. But you know what's worse than spending all that money? Losing or damaging the expensive thing you bought. An insurance policy will typically only cost you about $1.50 a year for every hundred dollars your ring is worth. Seems reasonable when you consider the policy could end up saving you thousands down the road.

Avoid these mistakes and you'll keep a healthy band on your finger for years to come.