Where Does Josh Flagg Live And How Big Is His House?

It has been nearly two years since Million Dollar Listing: LA⁣⁣ super-realtor Josh Flagg and his husband Bobby Boyd purchased a massive Beverly Hills estate, and made big (big) plans to renovate the 1928 abode (via Bravo). But as of mid-March of this year, it seems the couple's five-bedroom, six-bathroom mansion is still virtually a construction site (via Bravo). Despite many setbacks and delays, Flagg and Boyd have an exciting vision for the massive home, which sits on a quiet block, but, ahem, according to Bravo, also boasts a ghost (or at least Flagg swears it does, and even hired someone to come in and give the land an energy cleanse).


Obviously the house, located in a highly-desirable area of Beverly Hills called The Flats, has required more than a little TLC to get it to where the couple wants to move in. And it figures since casa Flagg/Boyd is pretty gigantic.

Just how big is Josh Flagg's reno?

At 4,565 square feet, it's no wonder the self-described best luxury Realtor in LA and his husband are still working on renovating their home. The duo ripped out all the walls of the estate (um, that's a lot of walls), and hope to amp up the curb appeal of their dream home, according to Bravo. Among their extensive plans are to install a terra cotta roof on an all-white facade with black-paned windows. Flagg envisions a 36-panel window flanking the entryway of the impressive, Beverly Hills Hotel-inspired house. This vision will extend to the window boxes featuring overflowing ivy and striped awnings.


While it's clear the reno is taking longer than the couple wanted, it is unlikely Flagg will settle for anything less than perfection. That is if his track record of getting his way and living in the lap of luxury is any indication.