Here's What The Stars Of Love Is Blind Are Up To Now

Since its debut in February 2020, Netflix's Love Is Blind has quickly become one of the most popular reality dating shows on television. With its expert combination of elements from reality shows like The Bachelor, Married at First Sight, and 90 Day Fiancé, Netflix's Love Is Blind has certainly proved itself to be arguably the most unique reality dating show in the history of the genre. However, the first season of the hit show would be nothing without the contestants who put their hearts on the line hoping their individual Love Is Blind journeys would lead them to their future spouses. 


Ultimately, only two of the show's six engaged couples actually tied the knot. While not every contestant found their forever love, the majority of the Love Is Blind inaugural cast did find instant fame and popularity waiting on the other side of reality TV heartbreak. Here's a look at what the stars of Netflix's Love Is Blind are up to now. 

Love Is Blind's Giannina Gibelli started a web series to help you "build your vibe"

Despite leaving the show in tears after being dumped at the altar by Damian Powers, Giannina "Gigi" Gibelli was one of the breakout stars of Netflix's Love Is Blind. While she may not have gotten her happy onscreen ending, Gigi's unfiltered outspokenness, bubbly disposition, and unforgettable runaway bride moment helped to solidify her place as one of the reality show's most memorable contestants. 


Fortunately for Gigi, she and Damian decided to give their relationship another shot in the real world, surprising fans and proving their naysayers wrong. At the time of this writing, the lovebirds are still together — but romance isn't the only thing on Gigi's mind. If her web series is any indication, the reality star is already laying the groundwork for her future career.

In the trailer for her web series, The Vibe with G, Gigi says she hopes to help viewers learn "how to build your vibe" through various lifestyle and beauty hacks. While it's not quite clear exactly what the future has in store for her, it seems Gigi will be on our screens for the foreseeable future. 

Love Is Blind's Damian Powers is reevaluating his future

As fans of Love Is Blind know, Damian Powers felt an immediate connection with fellow contestant Giannina "Gigi" Gibelli in the dating pods, ultimately proposing to her and accepting her proposal to him. However, as the season continued to play out, the love Damian had for his fiancée was overshadowed by the couple's conflicting beliefs and personalities, leading him to end their relationship mere moments before they were set to become husband and wife. 


Despite their many differences, Damian and Gigi managed to make their relationship work once the Love Is Blind cameras stopped rolling, deciding to date each other normally instead of rushing into marriage. And judging by his Instagram, Damian is certainly enjoying his time with Gigi — as well as basking in the afterglow of Love Is Blind.

Speaking with Bustle in April 2020, Damian revealed he'd been reconsidering his career path, saying, "Do I want to go back to a corporate job, or do I want to be able to relate to people more? Do me and G want to do something together?" Hopefully, Gigi can help Damian find his vibe!

Amber Pike became an Instagram influencer after making her Love Is Blind debut

Love Is Blind fans will remember Amber Pike as one of the contestants at the center of most of the show's drama. The ex-tank mechanic formed an immediate connection in the pods with Matt Barnett, only to become tangled in a love triangle with Barnett and fellow contestant Jessica Batten. Fortunately for Amber, Barnett realized she was the one with whom he wanted to spend his life and despite plenty of drama on their journey to the altar, the two ultimately tied the knot on Love Is Blind's season finale. 


As viewers saw during the Netflix reality show's March 2020 reunion episode, Amber totally changed up her look after exchanging vows with Barnett, coloring her dark brunette locks platinum blonde. However, her hair transformation isn't the only new development since wrapping filming on Love Is Blind.

While she admitted to being unemployed while filming the hit Netflix series, Amber's Instagram proves she has seemingly since scored herself a number of opportunities as an Instagram influencer, partnering with popular brands such as FabFitFun and Function of Beauty. Talk about a glow up!

Love Is Blind's Matt Barnett seems to be enjoying married life

During the first two episodes of Love Is Blind, Matt Barnett quickly became the most sought-after guy in the competition, garnering the attention of contestants Jessica Batten, Lauren Chamblin, and Amber Pike. However, despite struggling with his feelings for each woman, Barnett ultimately made the decision to propose to Amber: the funny, outspoken ex-tank mechanic. 


The lovebirds officially tied the knot in the season finale and it seems Barnett hasn't looked back since. His Instagram is filled with photos from his and Amber's marriage thus far and the couple seemed happier than ever during the Love Is Blind reunion special (aside from Amber's tiff with Barnett's former, short-lived flame Jessica Batten).

In an April 2020 interview with Screen Rant, Barnett revealed that he returned to his day job after the Love Is Blind cameras stopped rolling, though he's not exactly the engineer the show made him out to be. "I'm actually in construction," Barnett explained. He continued, saying, "I was in project management at the time [of filming] for a mechanical contracting company. I'm still in project management, but now I'm with a general contractor."


Jessica Batten's dating life has been thriving since the Love Is Blind finale

Viewers watched as Love Is Blind star Jessica Batten formed a connection with both Matt Barnett and Mark Cuevas early on in the inaugural season, only to seemingly keep Mark as a backup plan while she tried to figure out her relationship with Barnett. When she eventually ended her relationship with Barnett and accepted a romantic proposal from Mark, fans were hopeful she'd reciprocate her new fiancé's love and commitment. 


Unfortunately, in a rather predictable twist, Jessica dumped Mark at the altar, leaving both her fiancé and his mother in tears. Her actions didn't sit well with fans, nor did they jive with Barnett's fiancée and eventual wife Amber Pike. During the Love Is Blind reunion special, Jessica was definitely put in the hot seat and questioned about her actions on the show. 

However, despite the Love Is Blind drama, Jessica revealed in a March 2020 Instagram Story (via Screen Rant) that her love life was "better than it's ever been." And while she may not have found her soulmate on reality TV, she's far from alone. Judging by her Instagram, Jessica has a permanent travel buddy and BFF in her dog Payton. 


Love Is Blind's Mark Cuevas is accepting DMs from fans

It's hard not to feel sorry for contestant Mark Cuevas throughout every turn of Love Is Blind's first season. As fans of the show know, the Chicago native immediately felt sparks fly with controversial contestant Jessica Batten, connecting with her over their shared Illinois roots and love for Italian beef. 


Unbeknownst to Mark, Jessica was secretly struggling with lingering feelings for fellow contestant Matt Barnett — even after happily accepting a proposal from Mark. Unsurprisingly, Mark and Jessica's relationship ultimately crumbled, but the fitness buff was seemingly left blindsided by Jessica's decision to end their engagement.

However, according to an interview on Bachelor star Olivia Caridi's Mouthing Off podcast, Mark has plenty of fans who would love the chance to shoot their shot with the reality star. "I've gotten love letters [and] emails," Mark said. Revealing that he reads fans' messages, Mark told the host the secret to successfully sliding into his DMs, saying, "I really try to respond to those messages that aren't cheesy." The reality star added, "You can always tell when a message comes from the heart."


Carlton Morton is considering joining Love Is Blind for another season

Carlton Morton's time on Love Is Blind was short-lived, but the reality show contestant certainly made quite a lasting impression on fans. Viewers watched as Carlton proposed to contestant Diamond Jack, who enthusiastically accepted. And then things started to go south. During their first and ultimately only couple's getaway, Carlton revealed to Diamond that he identifies as bisexual and, unfortunately, Diamond didn't take kindly to Carlton withholding that information from her. The couple's engagement came to a screeching halt only days after it had begun. 


Despite having somewhat of a negative experience on Love Is Blind's inaugural season, Carlton told TMZ he'd be happy to participate in a second season of Love Is Blind. "I want to find love, and I love Kinetic Content," Carlton said, praising the production company behind Love Is Blind.

The reality star continued, revealing he'd been contacted by other production companies hoping to create a show specifically for him. Carlton told TMZ, "Producers and show creators have been reaching out [and] want for me to almost spin off into getting my own situation where guys and girls fight for my love."

Love Is Blind's Diamond Jack isn't on the greatest of terms with her former fiancé

Diamond Jack made quite a splash on the first season of Love Is Blind. During the couple's getaway in Mexico, Diamond's fiancé Carlton Morton told her he identifies as bisexual, which soon resulted in the reality star lost her cool. Angry that Carlton had withheld such important information about himself until after she'd accepted his proposal, Diamond and Carlton exchanged some harsh words and Carlton ended up tossing her diamond engagement ring in the nearby pool.


Fans didn't see the former couple again until the Love Is Blind reunion special, in which Carlton and Diamond appeared to be on good terms, with Carlton even presenting Diamond with the ring as a token of their renewed friendship.

However, it seems Carlton and Diamond didn't stay pals for long. "Our relationship has not gone past that reunion," Diamond revealed to BET. She continued, saying, "I wish the best of luck to him, but now I feel like it's best for us to stay separate because I don't think we can even be in the same room right now without having issues."

Love Is Blind's Kelly Chase is helping other women learn to love themselves

Love Is Blind viewers watched as Kelly Chase quickly formed a connection with contestant Kenny Barnes in the dating pods, eventually accepting his marriage proposal. However, throughout the show's first season, Kelly seemed to seriously struggle with her feelings for Kenny, even admitting to the cameras that she wasn't physically attracted to her fiancé and instead viewed him as more of a brotherly figure than a romantic partner. 


With revelations like that, it only makes sense that Kelly ended her engagement to Kenny before saying "I do." However, following the show's season finale, Kelly revealed to People that she and Kenny had actually planned to continue their relationship after filming had wrapped — but, according to Kelly, her former fiancé "ghosted" her instead.

Fortunately, Kelly doesn't seem stuck in the past. According to a March 2020 interview with Cosmopolitan, the reality star stays busy as a health coach for women with her business, ChaseLife. "We dive deep into [women's] beliefs and in turn create new beliefs that will move them forward in life, improving their confidence, self-love and self-worth," Kelly told the publication of her company's vision. 


Kenny Barnes is making a life with the love he found after Love Is Blind

Fans of Love Is Blind were heartbroken when Kenny Barnes was left alone at the altar to pick up the pieces after Kelly Chase ended their relationship in front of friends and family members expecting to see the two exchange vows. 


Since their split aired on Netflix, rumored behind-the-scenes details of Kelly and Kenny's relationship have emerged, making what viewers saw onscreen seem a lot less black and white. However, Kenny seems completely over his broken engagement and entirely focused on his future with his current girlfriend — whom he revealed he was dating while sitting next to his former fiancée during the Love Is Blind reunion special. Awkward.

Kenny's girlfriend, Alexandra, is heavily featured on the reality contestant's Instagram and Kenny does certainly seem happy in his offscreen, real-world relationship. However, speaking with The Charlotte Observer in a March 2020 interview, Kenny revealed his significant other isn't exactly a Love Is Blind fan. In fact, she's never watched it. "She just didn't want to see something she can't un-see, and she'd rather not hear something she can't un-hear," Kenny explained.


Love Is Blind's Rory Newbrough is giving fans life advice on Instagram

The majority of Love Is Blind's first season followed the ups and downs of six engaged couples as they tried to carry their pod connections all the way down the aisle. However, as fans later learned, there were two additional engaged couples the cameras didn't show: Westley Baer and Lexie Skipper and Rory Newbrough and Danielle Drouin. 


Despite not getting a lot of screen time, Rory made a lasting impression on viewers with his calm demeanor and sage advice for the other contestants. And while his engagement to Danielle ultimately failed, as Rory detailed to Peoplethis Love Is Blind contestant is still ready and willing to provide life advice to those who need it. 

Since rising to popularity following his reality television debut, Rory has taken to Instagram to post Twitch videos in which he gives viewers advice on everything from "[loving] the process," dealing with difficult people, and the correct amount of time to wait before texting back a potential romantic partner. Thanks for the tips, Rory!

Love Is Blind's Cameron Hamilton is making friends (and rapping) with celebs

Fan favorite contestants Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed got married during Love Is Blind's season finale. Since then, the popular couple has been making quite the splash online.  

At the time of this writing, the lovebirds have a combined total of over four million followers on Instagram. And while Cameron certainly appeared a bit more reserved than his now-wife throughout Love Is Blind's inaugural season, the data science consultant seems to have a handle on this whole fame thing. Since making his reality television debut, Cameron has found himself rubbing virtual elbows with fellow reality stars like The Bachelor's Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph. Additionally, he's become pals with some mega-famous celebs. 


In April 2020, Cameron and Lauren appeared in a video chat with actor Idris Elba and his wife Sabrina Elba for the Elbas' collaborative movement focused on coupledom, S'able Labs. Cameron, who hilariously showcased his rap skills on Love Is Blind while meeting Lauren's mother for the first time, even spit some rhymes with the Luther star, giving us the rap battle we never knew we needed. 

Love Is Blind's Lauren Speed is busy making content for her millions of followers

Lauren Speed immediately stole Cameron Hamilton's heart on Netflix's Love Is Blind, but that's not the only heart she stole; the reality star had people all across the globe swooning. Arguably the most popular contestant from Netflix's hit reality show, Lauren has over two million followers on Instagram at the time of this writing, which is more than any other Love Is Blind contestant. 


Of course, considering Lauren was a content creator before joining the reality show's first season, the Atlanta native knows a thing or two about how to navigate social media. And since making her Netflix debut, Lauren has been hard at work making content for her millions of devoted fans. In early March 2020, Lauren and Cameron launched their YouTube channel dubbed Hangin' with the Hamiltons.

Announcing the exciting development with an Instagram post, Lauren wrote, "Hangin' with the Hamiltons will follow Cam and I through day-to-day adventures — our highs, lows, and everything in between." Lauren revealed to The Grio, saying, "With all the support, we knew we had to keep this going ... and with me being a content creator, it just makes sense." Consider us subscribed!


You might see Love Is Blind's Lauren Chamblin on The Bachelor one day

As fans of Love Is Blind are well aware, the love triangle between contestants Matt Barnett, Amber Pike, and Jessica Batten took up a significant amount of screen time throughout the Netflix reality show's first season. However, that triangle was once a square, thanks to Love Is Blind contestant Lauren Chamblin. 


In a March 2020 interview with Flare, Chamblin revealed, "For me, right off the bat, like from the first day of talking to all these guys, Barnett stuck out to me." She continued, admitting she was left in tears following her split with Barnett in the dating pods. Although she played it cool, Chamblin said "the second I walked out of there I was crying." Added the reality star, "I was just trying to not break down in there."

While her reality television debut may have ended in heartbreak, Chamblin isn't ready to totally write off dating shows. Revealing that some fans have reached out suggesting she appear as a contestant on ABC's popular reality dating show The Bachelor, Chamblin told Flare, "Honestly, I would do [reality TV] again, as hard as it was the first time."