These Parents Used Their Baby's Name As A Pandemic PSA

We've learned a few things about ourselves during this coronavirus pandemic. One of those things that a good number of us never really knew how to wash our hands. Until the pandemic came about we didn't do it nearly as often as we should, and when we did we didn't wash our hands properly (via USA Today). One Indian couple is hoping to help the masses never forget this lesson again, and to that end, they've decided to name their new baby... Sanitiser. The baby was born this week in India's Uttar Pradesh state (via Deccan Herald).


The baby's father calls his child's name a contribution to the fight against the pandemic. ”Sanitiser is one of the best ways to protect oneself against contracting coronavirus infection... we will remember this period (lockdown), whenever [we] utter his name,” Omveer Singh told the newspaper.

Other babies have been named after events surrounding the pandemic

Baby Sanitiser isn't the only infant that's been named for what we hope is the most significant event to happen to the planet this year (because we probably couldn't handle much more). In early April, another baby, born in India's Madhya Pradesh was named "Lockdown" after the pandemic lockdown period. The baby's father says they had wanted to remember this crisis period their whole lives, as well as the steps governments around the world were using to control the pandemic (via Times of India). Babies Lockdown and Sanitiser join twins Covid and Corona, who were born a few weeks earlier, and who were also named after the pandemic which has brought the world as we know it to a standstill.


Other names related to the pandemic are being floated around, too. According to The Times of India, the names "Corona" (which has already been taken) and "Social Distancing" have also been proposed.