What's The Best Nail Shape For Your Fingers?

If you're like many women, you have had the same nail shape for, well, forever. But did you know that how you shape your nails can change the entire look of your hand, and become the perfect style accessory?

According to The Trend Spotter, the basic nail shapes to consider the next time you go for a manicure (or do one yourself) are square, round, oval, almond, and ballerina (sometimes less appealingly called coffin). So how do you know which shape will look best on your fingers? The main considerations are your finger shape, nail bed width, nail length, and personal preference. We've got tips (get it?) on how to choose the best nail shape for your fingers so you can feel polished (did it again!), put-together, and pretty from head to fingertip.

Find the best nail shape for you

If you have short nails, square-shaped is a perfect pick and tells the world your taste is classic and understated (via InStyle). Women with long, slender fingers and long, narrow nail beds look lovely with square nails. Bonus: You can easily keep up this look at home.

Round is another timeless and easy-to-maintain nail shape that won't be going anywhere, anytime soon. Rounded nails help the fingers appear longer, making this a good choice for anyone with shorter, wider digits. But anyone can pull off rounded nails and this shape looks amazing with almost any nail polish hue.

Sophisticated ladies choose oval-shaped nails, which will elongate the fingers. Slim down wider fingers with this delicately rounded shape that requires somewhat longer nails to pull off. Pair oval-shaped nails with trendy polish if you dare.

Almond-shaped nails are similar to oval, but sharper. Still, you can actually use your fingers when you go with this on-trend mani style, unlike pointy stiletto-shaped nails, according to Cosmopolitan. Long and thin nail beds work well with almond, as do longer nails.

By far the most daring nail shape of the bunch, ballerina is a hybrid of almond and square due to its elongated shape and blunt edge. This look does well for fingers with narrow nail beds. You'll need both strong nails and a strong sense of style to pull off this look. Pair the shape with bold polish, and wow. Look at you!