The Real Reason You Shouldn't Keep Vodka In The Freezer

Everyone knows vodka gets stored in the freezer, right? Actually, no. It turns out one should never keep liquor, even vodka, in the freezer if you want to enjoy it to its fullest extent.

Not that you can freeze vodka, because its high ethanol content means it will get nice and chilled but won't ever turn into a drinkable ice sculpture. But if you put a nice, quality bottle of vodka in your freezer, the flavor and aroma get diluted, as Grey Goose vodka creator, Francois Thibault explained to Business Insider. Meanwhile, putting the inexpensive stuff in your freezer may hide its aggressive, burning notes, according to Thibault. 

Reddit users agree. A discussion about where to store vodka included this comment from one Redditor: "My rule of thumb is this...the cheaper the vodka, the colder it has to be in order to be drinkable." Other commenters agreed that vodka at room temperature has more flavor than vodka from the freezer.

The not colder the better for vodka

So putting your bottle of Ciroc or Ketel One in the freezer is definitely out. In fact, Jason Cott, bartender and co-owner of Pouring Ribbons and Alchemy Consulting in New York City told TODAY unequivocally, "No spirit should ever be stored in the freezer if you want to use it in a cocktail."

Why? There's a really good reason, in addition to the notion that colder vodka will mask the flavor and scent as intended. Cott explained, "A frozen vodka will not interact with the ice appropriately and will not create the correct water dilution to temper the proof of the alcohol and create the most balanced and delicious cocktail." And obviously the most balanced and delicious cocktail is what you crave. To achieve that, Cott suggests storing vodka at room temperature, like on your counter or bar. 

Mind blown? Try a room temp vodka cocktail and decide for yourself.