Double Chin Exercises You Can Do From Home

Unfortunately, it is not weight gain alone that can cause a dreaded double chin. According to Medical News Today, factors one has no control over such as age and genetics can lead to fat developing at chin level. Even poor posture contributes to the formation of a double chin over time, due to weakening supportive muscles in the chin and neck. 

The good news? There are some easy exercises anyone can do at home to help get rid of chin fat. So before you resort to wearing scarves every day, or even come close to considering surgical intervention, we have tips for toning up that stubborn area. The best part is you won't need any equipment to define the chin and start putting your best foot, er, face forward.

How to exercise the chin area

Before you get started, it's worth noting that no scientific evidence exists to prove exercising the muscles in the face will lead to fat loss, though anecdotal evidence does (via Healthline). But wouldn't you rather try a few simple moves, say while catching up on your favorite show, than inject or laser anything just yet?

First, you'll want to rotate your neck in gentle circles to warm up your muscles. Reverse the motion. Do the same with your jaw, rotating it in a circle one way, and then the other.

Okay! Now you're ready to exercise the chin. A simple move to try is to tilt your chin toward the ceiling. Then, pucker your lips like you're kissing someone, which you'll feel stretches out your neck and chin. Return your head and lips to a normal position. Repeat. You can try holding the exercise until you feel a burn. Next, use a similar motion, just without puckering the lips and instead, jutting the jaw forward and back. Another variation is to tilt the head to the ceiling, and whistle. See, it's fun to work that double chin off.

You may even consider chewing gum to strengthen the muscles in the jaw. If nothing else, you'll have fresh breath.