Is Dating Around Real Or Scripted?

Dating Around is a Netflix reality TV dating show, which follows six New Yorkers of different ages, cultures, and sexual orientations on five blind dates each. Like Love Is Blind, the show has been so popular that another season has already been announced and, while we can't wait to meet new faces and get invested in the subjects all over again, we can't help but wonder if Dating Around is real or scripted? 

According to Lex Liang, who appeared in episode three of season one, most of Dating Around is unscripted. "While it wasn't scripted or specifically directed, they did try to steer it when the ship was off course," he told TIME. For example, Liang revealed, "At a certain point, I believe the creator took me aside and said, "You're really good at getting information out of your fellow daters. Tell us a little bit more about you and let yourself be a little vulnerable." 

Dating Around shows dates for what they really are

However, just because the producers didn't script the show, doesn't mean they didn't use certain strategies to get the subject to feel comfortable onscreen. Speaking of his five dates, Liang admitted to TIME, "I was very drunk. Let's make that abundantly clear. And I don't want to say that was encouraged — but that was encouraged. And everybody loves a little social lubricant." Beyond that, the show apparently aimed to stay true to reality.

As executive producer Chris Culvenor told Buzzfeed, the reason the show is relatively unscripted is because the producers wanted the dates to be as real as possible. As Culvenor explained, it was "important to include awkward introductions and small talk that happens at the start of dates." He continued, "Most shows would edit this out, but it felt important to include because this awkward chat is always a part of a first date no matter how smooth you are!" And this is exactly what makes the show so unique.