Here's How Much Patricia Bright Is Really Worth

Patricia Bright isn't your typical YouTuber. Aside from sharing her opinions on all things fashion and beauty, the British starlet also gives fans insight into the realer side of her life, like in a video about major life lessons Bright wished she'd learned earlier. The YouTuber is also keen to explain how she manages her money, via her budgeting tips video, her video explaining how to build multiple income streams, and everything in between.

Unlike other influencers, Bright worked a day job for many years before transitioning to YouTube full time — and she isn't afraid to discuss that either. Being as smart about money as she clearly is, it's no surprise to learn Bright is pulling in some serious bucks.

Patricia Bright is a money-minded YouTuber

Bright was always destined for financial success, having studied accounting in college, and worked for several big-name institutions across London and New York, including Merrill Lynch, and Deloitte (via Marie Claire). Meanwhile, she kept her YouTube side hustle a secret. At age 26, she went full time to YouTube, and has never looked back.

For those looking to follow in her footsteps, Bright told Bustle, "I think people can test, rather than making a big leap. Because I'm quite risk averse, I'm not a big leap kind of person. I'll test it out and see how it goes. Maybe take a sabbatical from work. Maybe do something on the weekend alongside." She added, "That's a good option for anyone who's a bit concerned about what next steps they can take."

Nowadays, her salary is six figures annually, most of which comes from brand partnerships with the high-profile likes of Dior, Amazon, and Coca-Cola (via Forbes).

Patricia Bright still values a side hustle or two

Bright now has 2.89 million YouTube subscribers on her channel, and 1.2 million followers on Instagram, with Nailbuzz estimating Bright earns approximately $700 per day, or $260,000 annually, just from the ads on her videos alone. Bright and her husband Mike also invest in property, and she has an online course called The Break Platform, which teaches wannabe influencers how to earn money just like her. Clearly Bright is still fond of a side hustle, or several.

Nailbuzz estimates the star's net worth at $1.2 million, a figure echoed by Net Worth Leaks. The move from the corporate world to the online world was clearly a shrewd one. In fact, Bright told Bustle moving full-time into YouTube was a "financial calculation" just like others she made during her career as a business analyst.