The Truth About Clare Crawley And Juan Pablo's Relationship

Future Bachelorette Clare Crawley first met Juan Pablo Galavis during his season of The Bachelor in 2014. The couple had a whirlwind relationship that ultimately led to heartbreak and, years later, an exchange of heated words on social media in March 2020 after the cast of Clare's season was revealed.

When they first met during Season 18 of The Bachelor, Clare and Juan Pablo had an instant connection which led to her being a front-runner. She earned the first one-on-one date of the season, a sledding and snowball fight. The date ended with a private concert (via Life & Style). As their connection grew stronger, Clare admitted to fellow contestants that she was struggling to cope with Juan Pablo dating other women.

She ended up sticking it out the entire season and ended up being his first runner-up. However, there were many bumpy roads throughout their season and moments of miscommunication that Bachelor fans will never forget.

Clare and Juan Pablo's romance went downhill in Vietnam

After a group date in Vietnam, Clare asked Juan Pablo to go for a private swim together. That moment stirred up controversy for the rest of the season. In a long personal essay on People, Juan Pablo wrote, "I definitely made a mistake. The next day I felt guilty because Clare got more time with me than the other women. I regretted giving Clare the extra time. Also, I didn't think it was a good example for my daughter to watch daddy going into the ocean with a girl at night." The next week was Fantasy Suite dates and they chose not to spend the night together because the light night swim had caused issues in the house.

On their last date, Juan Pablo took her for a helicopter ride and told Clare something that made her visibly upset although the exact words weren't caught on camera. "He chose to tell me something that no woman wants to hear," she said in a confessional (via Life & Style). "That he doesn't know me and some sexual thing I don't want to repeat. It was insulting and it was offensive."

Clare delivered an epic speech when she was eliminated

Juan Pablo ultimately decided to choose Nikki Ferrell as his girlfriend during the finale. He didn't propose to her though. First, Juan Pablo had to break things off with Clare. When he eliminated her, Clare delivered an epic speech that cemented her as a favorite amongst Bachelor fans. "I lost respect for you because I'll tell you what. I thought I knew what kinda man you were," she told The Bachelor (via ABC). "What you just made me go through? I would never want my children having a father like you." Juan Pablo told the cameras, "I'm so glad I didn't pick her!"

Years later, Clare revealed on Instagram that she still kept the dress she wore to the finale because "It was the most empowering moment of my life." Although she revealed that the dress isn't in any condition to be warn again: "the entire zipper is shredded and unusable because I ripped this dress off as soon as I got in the car." (via Cosmopolitan).

Clare and Juan Pablo still seem to have beef

Clare and Juan Pablo haven't been face-to-face since season 18 of The Bachelor, but it seems their relationship hasn't gotten any better. Juan Pablo took to Twitter in March 2020 after the cast profiles of the men on Clare's season were revealed. "It's gonna be INTERESTING seeing HER get hit on by KIDS on their 20s... I think this MIGHT be the 3rd SEASON Im gonna watch," he wrote tagging Clare in the post.

Clare fired back, "And yet here you are, older than 99% of them and still cant practice compassion and kindness." Juan Pablo later replied, "Hey, ALL I want is for you to FIND love, you taking it the WRONG way Clare."

He also told Life & Style, "I never had any bad blood with her. I did what I had to do, which was pick who I felt was The One. The experience taught me a lot, even after, to be honest, but my intention was never to hurt Clare or any other contestant."