Love Is Blind's Kelly Opens Up About Her Stunning Transformation

Fans were stunned when Love Is Blind star Kelly Chase debuted her new, slimmer look recently. The 33-year-old said that losing weight wasn't easy, opening up about her transformation on Instagram.

"The days I Googled 'how to lose weight' are long gone," she wrote in the caption of a before and after picture showing off her body. "True transparency, I became a Certified Health Coach and THEN I battled an emotional and grueling weight and body image struggle. It wasn't until working with coaches myself, that it all clicked! The basic principles of what I learned at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition came full circle."

Kelly continued to reveal the secret to her new body, which is the result of addressing other issues in her life. "The principle is that everything is connected, and when there is an imbalance (STRESS) in your: relationships, career, exercise [and] spirituality then there is an imbalance in your nutritional health too," she wrote. "As soon as I began applying these principles, I grew the most intimate relationship with myself; and thus, everything began to change, improve."

Life has changed a lot for Kelly since Love Is Blind

While things may not have worked out between Kelly and Kenny Barnes, who ghosted her after she decided not to marry him in the finale of Love Is Blind (via People), at least she can honestly say that she is thriving in her personal life. "Fear no longer exists," she wrote on Instagram. "Opportunities come to me with ease. Confidence is my best friend. Sometimes she needs a little talking to, but for the most part, she stands strong in vulnerability and resilience!"

In the comments, Kelly revealed that more important than her weight loss is how her attitude has changed. "For me, my mindset was not in a good place when I was heavier," she wrote (via E! News). "So although physically there is a transformation, there was also a great deal of inner transformation happening and that's what I was sharing in my message that as I started to dive deeper into my career, relationships, etc., that's when my mindset began to shift and my love grew for the self."

Kelly has changed in more ways than one since her time on Love Is Blind. In another Instagram post, she revealed that her "biggest takeaway" from her time on the show is "better communication by means of vulnerability and transparency," saying "it's just so powerful and connecting." She added, "And thus, every relationship has improved so much since the show."