Chris Harrison Reveals Which Bachelor Nation Contestants Frustrated Him The Most

Millions of fans across the country have been watching with bated breath as contestants on ABC's the Bachelor franchise pick who they believe could be their true love. In fact, the hit series recently peaked during its 23rd season with over 8 million viewers tuning in, according to Variety. Having 18 years under his belt as host of the show, Chris Harrison is now revealing that he hasn't always gotten along with each contestant. He appeared virtually on the The Kelly Clarkson Show and admitted it hasn't always been easy.

When she asked if he's ever had the urge to "scream" at any of the participants, his answer was yes. "Gosh, I don't know if there's anyone on the show that I haven't wanted to do that," he said. "I mean, even this last season with Peter [Weber], I wanted to just grab him by the shirt collar and be like, 'Come on, man. Pull it together.' Because he was a mess coming down the stretch."

Chris Harrison admits multiple contestants have upset him

Harrison also disclosed that the beloved pilot wasn't the only one to frustrate him over the years. "Colton [Underwood], obviously, jumping the fence and running away from me in the Portuguese countryside," he admitted. "So, yeah, and even Hannah [Brown] and I had our moments. So, I think probably with every Bachelor and Bachelorette, there is that moment where they want to scream at me — and sometimes they do — and then I want to yell at them."

After his no-filter comments, Harrison told the The Voice coach that things ultimately get that heated because he gets emotionally invested in the contestants. "That's part of [it], honestly, I do get involved in these people's lives and I do care about them and I think when you do love people — it's not that you abuse them, that's not love, but I think you do have those heated moments where you're really telling your truth," he explained.

After being on the show for nearly two decades, Harrison also divulged if he believes this makes him an authority on love. "I feel like, you know, I'm not a doctor, but I definitely should have some sort of honorary degree in psychology of dealing with relationships because I have truly seen it all," he said. "I've been through it myself and seen it on TV"