Here's What To Do About Your Awful Quarantine Haircut

Being in quarantine has tested us in all sorts of ways — for instance, one is having to deal with a lack of access to hair salons, and pretty much letting our hair run wild. But if you, like so many, couldn't wait and watch your fringe grow any longer, or length ends become any more split, you may have given yourself a DIY cut. And that DIY cut may not have worked out as you expected. So, it's likely you're wondering what to do now. 


The first thing to do is to stop being so hard on yourself. A bad haircut is one thing, but a bad quarantine haircut is totally different. You're not a professional hairstylist (most likely) and the chance of you absolutely nailing a DIY cut the first time you tried was probably very low. The second thing to do is work out how to fix, or at the very least, improve on it. 

A bad quarantine haircut can be salvaged

According to Bustle, one of the easiest things to do to save your bad quarantine haircut, is to reach for a wig, extensions, or more feasibly, hair accessories, like a nice wide headband. 

Biolage brand ambassador Sunnie Brook suggests that those who are worried about their cuts should simply look to YouTube for new style inspiration. "Try a few new looks like waves or curls," Brook told PopSugar. "These are more forgiving and can hide mistakes in haircuts more easily than straight hair." She also suggest having a glass of wine and a good laugh to chill out any bad cut-related tension!


If it's simply uneven ends that need fixing, Brook recommends softening them with a point cut. If it's bangs, Frédéric Fekkai, hairstylist and founder of Fekkai Brands, recommends opting for a razor instead. "Use a razor to soften the edge by twisting a few pieces and gently cutting the ends," said (via PopSugar). 

Unfortunately, anything beyond uneven ends should really be left until you can get back in the salon as there's potential you may damage your hair further. So embrace the fact that no one outside your household will see it and, remember that wine and good laugh!