The Truth About Chris Hemsworth's At-Home Workout

Chris Hemsworth is undeniably in excellent shape, but that perfect physique takes hard work, and sometimes a personal trainer. However, many of us don't have the funds for a specialized program like A-list celebs do. But Hemsworth and his trainer, Luke Zocchi, came through with an easy home workout that you can do with random things you have laying around your house, and Hemsworth generously posted a three-minute video demonstrating the routine on Instagram

The superhero skipped the equipment and used laundry detergent and a dirty clothes basket for weights throughout the video. The clip showed a full-body circuit-style workout consisting of six reps of six sets each of different exercises. Burpee curl presses, triceps extensions, squats (either jumping or weighted) mountain climbers and sit throughs were demonstrated by the duo (via Man of Many). We've all got a million excuses up our sleeves, but you can throw the "inconvenience" line right out the window because Hemsworth has made it almost too easy to get your blood pumping.

The Instagram post was partly a promotional piece for Hemsworth and Zocchi's fitness app Centr. The app is ultra affordable with a program costing as little as $10/month. Starting May 18, Centr is releasing not only at-home workouts that don't require any equipment, but diet tips and remote workout buddies through Facebook for a special six-week program called Unleashed.

Work out at home with Chris Hemsworth's app

The Unleashed program uses basic body weight exercises that we are all familiar with like push-ups, squats, lunges ,and burpees that are combined in a high intensity interval routine. The program is customizable, so if you aren't super fit (yet) you can select the "beginner" level. Beyond that, trainers post stretching and recovery tutorials, as well as break-downs of more difficult movements in each week's routines. Say goodbye to feelings of gym phobia because it seems like Hemsworth's program really understands all levels of fitness and caters to individual's needs.

According to Centr's site, Hemsworth is known for having to drastically change his body composition to play various roles. Apparently, though, he doesn't take much of the credit for his successful transformations. He seems to put his confidence in a team of fitness and wellness experts. Centr says "his team is now your team," and let's be honest, $10/month to look like a Marvel superhero seems like a screaming deal, especially when you consider you don't even have to leave your house.