The Surprising Foods Jennifer Lopez Refuses To Eat

Jennifer Lopez is all about healthy eating, which, of course, she would be. Still a bombshell at 50+, she puts in a lot of hard work every single day to make sure she stays on the winning side of the battle against time. She works out like staying in shape is her job — which admittedly, it kind of is — and eats like she's never even heard of Dunkin' or Five Guys delicious fries. What she does eat in the course of an average J. Lo day, according to a food diary she kept for People, includes protein powder smoothies, kale salads, grilled chicken, and steamed vegetables, all washed down with a lot of water. Of course, she is still human enough to have one teensy little indulgence, a single end of day chocolate chip cookie.

Lots of protein, lots of nutrients — it's the kind of diet that would make a nutritionist proud. Lopez does, however, have a few foods that she really doesn't care for, and no, they're not the aforementioned fat and carb bombs with which she's apparently unacquainted. Instead, two of her "yuck" foods are the kinds of things that make every list of top 10 healthy foods that everybody should be stuffing down every single day.

J. Lo's personal chef dishes on what the star won't eat

Jennifer Lopez shares a personal chef with fiancé Alex Rodriguez — in fact, Kelvin Fernandez cooks for the whole family, kids and all. He recently spoke with Us Weekly about his job, spilling some unexpected info about two foods Lopez prefers not to see on her plate. Despite the fact that the fish is often touted for its numerous health and beauty benefits, Fernandez says "Jennifer doesn't love salmon... she's just not a fan of the texture and the taste." He reveals that when he's cooking salmon for the rest of the family, he'll fix halibut or cod for her to eat instead.

The other Lopez no-go, where food is concerned? Believe it or not, berries. Although the Lopez-Rodriguez household has a fridge that's always packed with healthy fruits, and the fact that berries are a particular fave of 12-year-old twins Emme and Max, Mom's not a fan. According to Fernandez, "Jennifer is not a big fruit person," although she seems to eat enough veggies to more than make up for any nutrients she'd otherwise be missing. Still, it's reassuring to know that even such a paragon of clean eating as J. Lo does have her own specific likes and dislikes, and if she doesn't want to eat something, she's just not going to eat it, no matter how good for you it's supposed to be.