The One Activity The Queen Does Daily During Quarantine

The coronavirus has created restrictions upon society that extend beyond social and economic bounds, even affecting royalty. Like the rest of us, Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth has been limiting her personal interactions and has canceled her public calendar as we shelter in place. Unlike the rest of us, shelter in place looks a little different to the iconic monarch — after all, we don't all get to shelter in castles or sprawling countryside estates. 

The queen is reportedly in "excellent spirits" which may, in part, be due to the ability to spend more time with her husband, His Royal Highness, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (via Delish). Devoid of her traditionally busy schedule, the couple has been able to dine together nightly. Yet, while Her Royal Highness has been making the most of her family time, 66 years of active service is a tough habit to kick (via CheatSheet). The same insiders sharing her current schedule report that the Queen cannot wait to resume her public duties, and is already making tentative plans for the fall.

Thankfully she has one daily activity that keeps her happy and busy during quarantine.

Queen Elizabeth rides horses every day during quarantine

The Queen's work ethic is legendary, continuing to book hundreds of engagements yearly while in her 90s, but she also still manages to maintain her hobbies (via Macleans). Her Royal Highness' love of horseback riding has been well documented, and during quarantine, she has continued to ride daily. A master equestrian, the queen has never let age or social status keep her from this passion. She has famously been photographed riding with former President Ronald Reagan. 

Her love of horses has carried on through the family too, becoming a pastime for daughter Princess Anne and granddaughter Zara Tindell. Tindell even went on to medal as an equestrian in the 2012 Olympic games (via Town & Country). Continuing to see the royal monarch in good health and enjoying the sunshine and outdoor exercise can help to inspire us all. Her drive and quest for activity at any age are goals that many can strive for. God Save the Queen.