The New Starface Cleanser Everyone's Talking About

Current times have allowed us to lounge in yoga pants and comfy tanks, trading in high-heels for flip-flops across the nation. While there's no doubt our fashion tastes have leaned towards comfort, there's one area of the beauty routine that hasn't gotten a day off. While everyone's booked solid with video calls, our facial care routines have had to stay on point. Now Instagrammers everywhere are channeling their inner starlets with the new Starface Space Wash. A naturally based, vegan face wash by the makers of acclaimed Hydro-Stars acne spot treatment. And fans are thrilled to put it mildly. Instagrammers have been commenting, "omg yessss is it good for dry skin tho?" (It's for all skin types, according to company spokespersons.) "I just ordered some patches and the face wash so excited," writes another excited buyer. Across social media, it's clear that Starface has a loyal following — another fan says it all, "Love Starface."

So what's with the hype on this product?

Space Wash is made of ingredients you actually want to put on your face

Many of our soaps are filled with potentially harmful ingredients including fragrances, parabens, sulfates, and triclosan (via Healthy Women). But Space Wash is different, or as they like to say, unique. Starface proudly proclaims, "Our formula was developed with only good-for-your-skin ingredients, avoiding all 2,700 ingredients from the 'dirty' list." The company describes the wash as soap-free, paraben-free, fragrance-free, sulfate-free, cruelty-free, non-comedogenic, and vegan. The product is designed to remove dead skin cells and makeup while promoting faster healing of damaged skin — all of which can help reduce acne outbreaks or lessen their severity. The wash still foams, emphasizing a cleansing experience. Some key ingredients that users might love appeal to gentle, natural remedies, like the extracts of willow bark, sage leaf, and holy basil combined with chamomile and calendula. 

The wash ships in an unmistakable yellow tube and can be purchased as either a single (for $16) or recurring order (for $14.40). If this new Starface line is anything like their debut, it's sure to be flying off digital shelves at high speeds, so jump on this bandwagon quickly!