The Most Creative Henna Tattoo Ideas For 2020

Henna has been around for thousands of years, so it should come as no surprise that there's no shortage of totally beautiful designs out there. Though the art originated in India, Pakistan, Africa, and the Middle East, it has obviously become a global phenomenon. Its name is derived from a plant that is crushed and mixed into a dye and then utilized to create extravagant temporary tattoos. Prior to a marriage, many Hindu and Muslim brides receive highly detailed and stunning bridal henna on their hands and feet. This practice takes place at a bridal party of sorts where friends and family decorate the bride-to-be in the brown paste. 

Not all henna is the same though. In Arabic culture, the patterns are often abstract and inspired by plants. African henna is full of geometry and bold shapes. The Indian take on the art uses dense lacy and floral-packed designs that can cover entire regions of the body. In more modern times, people have started to incorporate design attributes from all over the world (via My Modern Met).

There's so much room for creativity when it comes to henna tattoos, so it wasn't hard to find some totally interesting and unique designs for 2020. 

Try sophisticated lace henna in 2020

Lace henna is an interesting and modern take on a very old tradition. It's reminiscent of old victorian lace gloves — sort of like the half glove look that all the farm chic brides were rocking a few years back. The designs are elegant, sexy, and vintage-modern. If you've been feeling a little '90s goth, this style would totally complement your look, too. Let's be honest, though — it's a good vibe for anyone (via Wed Me Good).

Intricate henna designs are gorgeous

Ultra-intricate and dense henna is pretty traditional, but it leaves room for some completely creative and unique henna plans. Henna tattoos like this can take a few hours, though, so you'd better grab a comfy seat before you start. Also, if you aren't lucky enough to have a super skilled henna artist in your family, it can be expensive. But a gorgeous and interesting piece is worth it. After all, beauty is pain right? (via The Tempest). 

Make 2020 sparkle with glitter henna

Do you need a little more glitz and glamour in your day? Well, consider glitter henna your new go-to. Decorating yourself with some sparkly henna is a great way to dress up a look or just add some fun to an evening out. The patterns usually only last a few hours so if you have work on Monday and want to have plain Jane skin for the office, go for henna designs with glitter and skin safe glue (via Elle). 

Red henna is a colorful take on the original

Red henna is totally eye-catching and spectacular. Using a product that dyes your skin a super vibrant shade adds some extra pizazz to any henna design. Red symbolizes both purity and sensuality in Hinduism and is a very powerful color. The traditional hands and feet painted bridal style looks modern and elegant in a bright red, but mixing it up with something totally new-age design in a tomato shade looks ravishing, too (via Western Oregon University).

White henna gives you a more subtle look

White henna looks excellent on sun kissed skin, so as the temperature goes us, white henna designs are flooding social media. It's the perfect accessory to a summer wedding or just a fun vacation. It's definitely not made from henna though. Henna can be used to describe the art style that the typical plant is used to execute even if the plant is not involved. In the case of white henna, designs are created with adhesives, body paint, glue, and even extravagant temporary tattoos — not the kind you find in a quarter machine at the grocery store exit (via Medium). 

Simple henna is on-trend in 2020

The genius designer Valentino Garavani once said, "Elegance is the balance between proportion, emotion, and surprise" (via Flours and Fleurs). A tidy yet creative henna design lends itself to Valentino's idea of what elegance can be. Yes, a simple and small henna tattoo isn't going to automatically catch the eye like some full arm designs, but when noticed it can invoke a very soft and delicate feel that should not be overlooked.

Like any art, there really isn't a way to go wrong, so go ahead and get your henna on this year.