How To Cook Bacon The Healthy Way

There's nothing like going for a morning stroll and smelling the scent of sizzling bacon pouring out of your neighbor's homes. There's something so comforting about the salty pork product, and it's impossible to deny the fact: People are head over heels for bacon. So much so that it's become a bit of a lifestyle, and you can get everything from bacon-themed lip balm to vodka. But is it possible to have healthy bacon in your life? If you've been trying to eat better, you may have put bacon on the back burner, but we've got some tricks to get the totally tasty breakfast accessory back on your plate.

You know the post-bacon grease that seems to linger on your lips all day like a guilty kiss? The easiest adjustment to make to your bacon routine is to simply cook it like you normally would, and then lay the strips down on a paper towel, blotting up the grease from both sides. This technique allows the excess oil to be wicked up by the towel instead of going down the hatch (via Eating Well).

Perhaps the best method for healthier bacon, though, is brought to you by everyone's favorite Home Ec expert, Martha Stewart. She's all about the oven trick. No one likes cleaning up tiny drops of bacon spit off the stove, and traditionally cooked bacon can cause some gnarly burns from the oil splatter. Martha gets it, and has a healthy solution.

How to make your bacon like Martha Stewart

Stewart heats an oven to 400 degrees then loads up baking sheets that are lined with parchment paper, making sure not to pile the bacon on top of itself. She says that if you like your bacon on the crispier side you can cook the strips on a wire rack in the oven, which allows even more grease to fall away. The method usually takes 15-18 minutes and is super easy. She also recommends using the previously mentioned paper towel trick to absorb any remaining oil. Baking bacon allows you to prep in bulk, so it's a great option if you're hosting a brunch or meal prepping for the week (via Martha Stewart).

One other option for better bacon? The microwave. When you think of a microwave, chances are "healthy" is not the first thing that comes to mind, but maybe it should be. Microwaving bacon on a paper towel and then letting it cool on another paper towel maximizes grease absorption throughout the cooking process — and as an added bonus, it's wildly convenient. Put a few slices of the meat on a paper towel lined plate and cook for 2-4 minutes. Then allow it to sit for at least 1 minute. You read that right, you can have delicious bacon in 5 minutes if you use the microwave method (via Food Network).