Lady Gaga's New Eyeshadow Palette Has People Talking

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Lady Gaga is known for her massive talent and bold fashion choices. So, it seems like the perfect pairing for her to be releasing new music and makeup at the same time. According to Allure, the contemporary eyeshadow is named after the lead single from her sixth studio album, Chromatica. Little Monsters can get their hands on the 18 high-impact hues starting on May 19, which is being released by Haus Laboratories. Global artistry director for the brand, Sarah Tanno, explained the Stupid Love Eye Shadow doesn't just reflect one song, but rather it's inspired by the entire album.

"This is the first time with the brand that I've been able to really merge the music and the makeup," Tanno told Allure. "It made me have to really open my mind as far as the style of makeup [Gaga is] going to want, [and] how she's going to want to feel and interpret that for this entire album."

The $48 palette includes daring colors like metallic teal "Fun Tonight," matte orange "Enemy" and metallic silver "Free Woman." For a more casual look, the collection also features neutral tones like matte gray-brown brown "My Mind" and matte mauve-brown "Stupid Love."

How to get Lady Gaga's bold new eyeshadow palette

Tanno explained the mix of vibrant colors with softer tones was intentional. "When I was building this palette with Gaga, I wanted there to be a play on the textures, so there'll be matte and shimmer and multi-finishes in each 'color zone,'" she said. "You'll see there's a white, then there's a white frost; there's a teal, then there's a teal shine; there's the orange, and then something that's a little smokier."

Tanno said she ultimately hopes the bright and fun colors help to empower those who wear it. "The no. 1 thing with Gaga's makeup is the way that she feels," Tanno said. "She wants it to be powerful. and she wants it to be self-empowering; she wants you to feel brave, she wants you to feel inspired, and she wants you to feel kind." So if you're ready to try something more adventurous, don't miss out on this unique palette.

The Stupid Love Eyeshadow Palette hits digital shelves on May 19 on and Amazon. Gaga's new album Chromatica drops on May 29.