Here's Why You Should Keep A Spoon In Your Makeup Bag

Whenever there's a new makeup hack that involves something you already own, there's no excuse not to try it. So when we heard that Karlie Kloss always keeps a spoon (yes, a spoon from the kitchen) in her makeup bag, we knew we had to find out more. Going through her beauty routine for Vogue, Kloss pulled out a teaspoon and revealed, "This teaspoon is very functional, it's in my bag at all times for whatever the needs are." 

She continued, "One tip and use of a teaspoon that I learned backstage from Pat McGrath at a fashion show way back when was to use a teaspoon to really get a very tight curl on the lash ... you can really get right onto the lid and pinch it," she explained while pushing the spoon against her lashes. But as it turns out, this Karlie Kloss-approved eyelash trick isn't the only thing you can do with a spoon.

Spoons can be useful when contouring or defining your brows

According to Allure, spoons can help you nail many different beauty techniques. One example is contouring. As former Allure social media manager Dana Burke discovered, if you place the spoon against your cheekbone, it guides your makeup brush, meaning you don't go overboard. You can also use a spoon to define your brows by placing the long edge of your spoon just below your brow to define your arch and ensure you don't color outside the lines.

Cosmopolitan seems to be a big advocate for keeping spoons in your makeup bag, too, focusing on how they can help you get ahead with nail art trends. For example, a spoon is a great place to mix colors if you're going for a marble look as the polish doesn't stick to the spoon like it does your poor kitchen table or vanity. You can even use to prevent nail polish spillage, placing the spoon under the tip of your nail so it doesn't get stuck on your skin. And the list goes on and on. Time to get a spoon in your makeup bag, STAT!