The Truth About 90 Day Fiance's David And Lana

90 Day Fiancé trades in shocking relationship drama and revelations — it's the show's bread and butter — but in the case of David and Lana, their story is even stranger than usual. For one thing, fans of the show have spent this entire season of spin-off Before the 90 Days believing the Ukrainian beauty, with whom love-struck Las Vegas resident David has been involved with online for over seven years, isn't even real.

Then, the twist of the century came with the reveal that Lana is, in fact, a real person rather than a catfish or scam artist. This is in complete contradiction to a whole season's worth of evidence to the contrary, including four attempted meetings, none of which resulted in the couple actually making contact IRL. It seems this is truly a love story for the ages, albeit a bizarre one with a considerable amount of twists and turns.

David and Lana finally met on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days

ET reports how a recent episode finally introduced Lana to the world as she sat down with the TLC cameras for an interview recorded just a few days prior to her finally meeting David in person. The 28-year-old detailed how she'd met the 60-year-old computer programmer online and developed a relationship with him as they communicated from afar. Lana claimed every excuse she'd previously given for bailing on their planned meet-ups was genuine. However, the most recent time, she admitted to chickening out.

Lana was excited to finally meet him, however, and to travel to the U.S. where she could realize her passion for makeup. The Ukrainian also copped to chatting with other men online, something a private investigator David had hired to find her already reported to the love-struck American. Although their initial interaction was awkward, predominantly due to the language barrier, Lana noted David was more handsome in person than she was anticipating. The preview for the next episode suggests there's trouble in paradise, however, as David comes clean about hiring a P.I. and Lana isn't pleased.

Raw footage from 90 Day Fiance shows the first meeting in depth

According to Screen Rant, raw leaked footage was mistakenly released that showed their first meeting in all its awkward glory. An unnamed cast member reportedly uploaded the video, which contains over 10 hours of raw footage from 90 Day Fiancé, to their YouTube account by accident. The footage highlights how David and Lana actually met during the second day of filming, with Lana shown accepting chocolates and telling the producers she likes getting money and presents from David. 

However, when put on the spot about how much cash she's received from her man thus far, the Ukrainian wouldn't answer, even looking a bit uncomfortable at the line of questioning. David, meanwhile, is totally different from the nerdy guy fans have seen on the show before, showing an overabundance of confidence when they're finally introduced. Suffice to say, this modern love story is clearly far from over.