The Trikini Is The Latest Beachwear Trend Everyone's Talking About

They often say that necessity is the mother of invention. In the case of the trikini (that's a bikini complete with a face mask), the necessity for smiles and laughter inspired this mother, an inventor. Italian fashion designer Tiziana Scaramuzzo was feeling down about shop closures and lost sales of at her swimwear shop. "The idea was born joking with the family... we thought with my daughters to try to make some colored masks, more for fun, to play down the situation and raise our morale a bit," says Scaramuzzo (via Centro Pagina). Before she knew it, the owner of the Elexia Beachwear line had created a viral hit. Brands and influencers across the world quickly jumped on this bandwagon. Says one early social media model, "The trikini — Cons: neither cute nor practical. Pros: saves on sunscreen, blocks sun and the Rona. Get your 2020 summer essentials." Others, however, are more enthusiastic, commenting on a lookalike tiger-inspired pattern Instagram fans gush, "I love it!!!, Amazing! I need to come pick it up."

So how can you get a trikini for summer?

Inspiration leads to innovation with new trikini designs

At this time, it looks like you'll need to order the original Elexia Design through Scaramuzzo's Facebook or Instagram pages. Suits are listed for between 50-60 euros (or around $55-$65) and you can add a matching face mask for 10 euros (about $11) to match. We assume shipping will be additional, as these items are crafted in Italy. 

Since her initial launch, the Italian mother and designer has added multiple different designs, moving beyond bold floral patterns to also match delicate solids with a fluttering ruffle and increase the available color options. The inventor herself reminds us though, "This is not a surgical device," meaning the items do not protect against illness at a medical grade-level, such as N-95 masks. Instead, these are, "cotton masks inside, which if desired, filters can be inserted," (via Centro Pagina). 

As we are all adding a new accessory to our wardrobes, the trikini offers a cute way to add some extra precautions to your summer look. In addition to the Elexia Beachwear original, you can likely find some Italy-inspired three-pieces online at national retailers, too.