Hair Colors You'll Be Asking For This Summer

Summer means one thing: fun and fresh new looks. Say goodbye to whatever shade you're getting bored of — there's nothing worse than boring hair — and say hello to a new you. No matter how subtle the change, it's never a bad idea to give your look a refresh with some poppin' pigment. Hair stylists are pumping out new techniques, color combinations, and original takes on long-loved looks. Imagine sporting a cutting-edge color at your next summer barbecue or just rocking your new look around town — one thing's for sure: A new hair color makes everything just a little more, well, colorful. Whether you're going for something more natural, or a bold and bright new color, summer 2020 is serving up something delicious just for you with these inspiring looks.

Bold roots are a must this for summer 2020

Bold roots have typically been reserved for grunge and punk fashion seekers and those of us who are due for a touch-up, but this season offers the look for everyone. The edgy look is ultra-easy to accomplish, simply grow out your bleached or colored hair to give a stark contrast in your 'do (via Allure). Longtime beauty icons like Margot Robbie are rocking the look, and it's easy enough to accomplish at home, so you too can look like a bombshell. 

Orchard red is red hot this summer

Everyone loves a good red dye job, but the shade is getting a boost of attention partly because of celebs like Zendaya sporting a super hot orchard red color. The shade is a sexy yet subtle combination of copper and auburn tones and can totally complement a variety of complexions. The dynamic palette of orchard red allows it to look different in just about every light, keeping it super chic and interesting. The only drawback to opting for a stunning red is the shade requires some additional upkeep, but it's obviously worth it if you get to look like Zendaya (via Glamour).

For your summer 2020 hair inspiration, take a nod from Pantone's color of the year

Pantone's color of the year is making waves in the world of colored hair. This year's classic blue is a great shade to cool down a platinum blonde while making a huge fashion statement. Icy blues, dusty blues, blue black, and even bright classic blues are taking summer by storm. Why not have hair that matches the blue summer skies and sparkling ocean waves? Imagine the complementary outfit possibilities if you're already sporting blue hair (via Byrdie).

Rose quartz hair is perfect for summer 2020

Rose quartz hair is subtle enough to almost look natural despite it being pink, dependent on how vibrant you go. The pastel shade is reminiscent of spring flowers and soft summer sunsets. It looks totally punky when left down at any length, but can look sophisticated and elegant when styled. An angular blunt cut gives a bit more edge to the ultra-sweet shade. You can also partner up with the bold roots trend to hit two birds with one stone if you want to get really into this summer's hair trends (via Good Housekeeping).

Twilighting is the hottest new color technique this summer

To really stay on trend, go for one of the newest looks — a technique called twilighting. It's definitely hitting the scene in a huge way with loads of celebs — like Jennifer Garner — sporting the 'do. It's basically a warm-toned brown matched with rich golden undertones and a mix of balayage and baby highlights. It's a chic, subtle, and natural look that works on just about any length and cut (via Good Housekeeping). It's the kind of color that works wonders on most complexions without taking away from your overall vibe.