You Can Now Buy Nail Polish That Smells Like Your Favorite Snacks

Imagine your perfect self-care night. Maybe it consists of salty orange-colored snacks, face masks, Netflix, and at-home mani/pedis. We all have our favorite products when it comes to an evening of self-indulgence, but there's no reason you can't upgrade. Why not combine your love of snacks and nail polish with Sinful Colors' new line of scented polish. Coating your nails with fruity scents is old news — now's the time to opt for something you crave daily, like a cheese puff-scented shade.

Singer/songwriter Bebe Rexha recently teamed up with Sinful Colors and Walmart to make your midnight snacking dreams translate to your fingertips, and boy are we eating it up. The drool-worthy polish line consists of a salty-sweet selection of shades. If you're after some savory scents, products like Cheese Puff, Pizza Party, or Taco Tuesday should do the trick. Not into having nails that smell like your favorite salty snacks? Chocolate Cake, Cookies and Cream, or Donut might get the job done for you. Want to smell like you just got home from the summer season's county fair? Combine a savory scent with a sweet-smelling accent nail.

Sinful Colors' salty and sweet shades don't just smell good

Beyond smelling great, these foodie polishes are pretty high quality and totally symbolic of whatever snack they are representing. For example, the Cheese Puff color has a neon orange shade (reminiscent of the extreme food dyes we often associate with the perfect bed-time snack) as well as a sort of crumbly texture (via Delish). The Taco Tuesday shade looks like someone glammed-up a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos and stuck it in a nail polish — it's really way too cool. If food and pop-culture artist Andy Warhol was a nail polish enthusiast, he would no doubt approve.

You're probably wondering how these polishes could get any better. Well, a price tag under $3 is arguably how. In fact, you can buy the whole line ($14) for a fraction of the cost of a single bottle of designer polish. Go on, treat yourself to one of the coolest nail polish inventions — maybe of all time.