The Underrated Rom-Com That's Crushing It On Netflix

If you're looking for an underrated rom-com to stream on Netflix, we've got you covered. While there are no doubt plenty of worthy contenders out there, narrowing down the list can be quite the tricky feat considering just how many titles Netflix has in its library. Take a cue from other Netflix users who have been streaming the 2011 film Just Go With It in droves, earning it a spot in Netflix's Top Ten most viewed titles in the U.S. this week.

Ranking in at #6 on Netflix, Just Go With It is the perfect rom-com for a date night, a virtual movie night as you social distance with your friends, or even just a pleasant way to pass an afternoon. Starring Adam Sandler andĀ Jennifer Aniston, and featuringĀ Nicole Kidman, the all-star cast already tells you that this is a film you want to stream ASAP.

Here's why you should watch Just Go With It

Just Go with It tells the story of a plastic surgeon named Danny (Adam Sandler) who pretends to be an unhappily married man in order to attract women who hook up with him out of pity. For years, Danny has no interest in committing to any of these women, but has to resort to drastic measures when he falls for one of his hook-ups and wants to continue seeing her.

In order to back up his lie of being a married man, Danny convinces his assistant, Katherine (Jennifer Aniston), to pose as his supposedly soon-to-be ex-wife. Hi-jinks ensue as Danny and Katherine go on vacation with Danny's girlfriend, Palmer (Brooklyn Decker) and have to keep up the charade that they were once married and have kids together. Along the way, sparks begin to fly.

While Rotten Tomatoes only gives Just Go With It a 19 percent tomatometer score, it's clear that fans don't care what the critics have to say. This is one that you definitely want to add to your queue or, better yet, just start streaming right away.