The Best Selling Item At Costco May Surprise You

People love Costco, and every member of the club likely has their favorite items. Maybe it's something from the food court, maybe it's a bulk pack of burger patties, or maybe it's something utilitarian like light bulbs. The company definitely has something for everyone. According to Business Insider, one member was such a die-hard fan that he got a Kirkland label tattooed on his arm for his 27th birthday. Yes, really. While not everyone is as jazzed about Costco as him, the company has some clear best selling items that no one can seem to get enough of — but some things on the list are a little surprising. Fasten your seatbelts, because things are about to get wild. 


Fox Business reports that Costco's fifth most popular item isn't even technically sold in their warehouses. And nope, it's not an online-only offer either — it's the chain's gasoline. According to Clark, Costco offers only Top Tier ranked gas and of course it's at discount prices, and let's be honest: Nothing gets people more universally amped up than discounted gas.

One of Costco's best sellers comes from the food court

Consumer favorite number four is not a traditional bulk Costco buy either, but it is definitely a quintessential item. Hot dogs from the food court are cheap, delicious, and Costco card holders' fourth favorite product. This one might not be so surprising, when you really think about it. At $1.50 for a dog and a soda, it's a hard deal to pass up when you're used up all your energy heaving bulk buys into your cart.


Another food item ranks in the top five, but this one isn't from the food court. Kirkland Signature bacon is the third best seller for the warehouse store. You can get its crispy texture and marbled meaty flavor for around $15 for four pounds, which is a lot of meat for a fairly small price. Quantity aside, it consistency gets top rankings for its quality — if fact, Consumer Reports (via Kiplinger) rated it best in their review against higher-priced competitors. 

Costco's best selling product is an essential

Landing second place on the podium is Costco's beloved rotisserie chicken. We really shouldn't be shocked when a whole chicken from the chain only sets you back $4.99. The chickens weigh about three pounds each, so in the rotisserie world they're huge. Apparently Costco sells them at a loss, a kind sacrifice to please hungry card holders.


Drum roll please... coming in as number one best selling Costco item is: bulk toilet paper. No, the company's kind sample employees aren't giving us tiny strips to try out, but everyone will always need the stuff. Costco sells overs a billion — yes, that's billion with a "b" — rolls of the stuff every year. The company sells 30 rolls of their Kirkland brand for just under $20, which is a steal compared to other brands. If you're worried about running out of toilet paper soon, Costco has got you — and loads of other people — covered.