The Worst Foods You Can Buy At Trader Joe's

It's hard not to love Trader Joe's. The chain makes shopping feel fun. They have loads of samples, free coffee, novel meals, and loads of interesting things to try. Kids hunt for stuffed mascots hidden in the store, and moms find an abundance of help from the ultra-nice employees. The brand seems to have their unique business model mastered. They also bring in impressive earnings — more than $13 billion dollars in 2017 — all without a loyalty program, or online store (via Business Insider). 

While the company is doing a lot of things right, like any big business, they've got more than one area that could use a little improvement. There are certainly some items you should basically never buy from Trader Joe's, since some are overpriced and others are just sort of weird and not worth it. 

Trade Joes isn't very good at cereal

Are you a late night cereal muncher? Well, it seems as though Trader Joe's isn't really the place for you. A gallon of organic milk at Trader Joe's costs $2.30 more than the classically-expensive Whole Foods version of the stuff, plus it apparently spoils pretty fast. And if you're after Cheerios, just buy the name brand because according to some, Joe's O's taste bland and the texture is just wrong (via Eat This Not That).

Pass on the produce at Trader Joe's

While it would be ideal to get all of your shopping done at one store, if you're after produce and into Trader Joe's, you'd better make another stop. Some people have said that a lot of the selection in the chain's fruit and veg area (like broccoli, peppers, and lettuce) are past their prime. Some have even said they've encountered rotten produce. Beyond that, some produce can be a little more expensive than other supermarkets, so you are probably better off skipping the produce section at Trader Joe's all together.

Trader Joe's hasn't mastered cauliflower crust

Everyone wants to be healthy, but lots of people might argue pizza is not something that should be reinvented to meet health goals. Others have tried making pizza with cauliflower crust and seem to be liking that whole healthier pizza thing. Unfortunately, Trader Joe's tried to get in on the healthy pizza crust and didn't do so well. The directions on the TJ's package say to place their cauliflower crust directly on the oven rack but according to users, the stuff crumbles and sticks to the bottom of your oven. You're better off leaving this one out of your cart.

Pass on the pre-made sammies at Trader Joe's

Busy work weeks call for quick and easy lunches, and Trader Joe's is known for offering a variety of ready-made meals to help you out with a hectic schedule. While many of the options are great, the pre-made sandwiches are not worth the money. They've been called dry and sort of gooey. They're also not very good for you. For example, the chain's turkey pesto option contains almost as many calories as a Big Mac, plus way too much salt (via CBS News).

Trader Joe's meat is not worth the money

Hungry, fresh meat seekers should head elsewhere because when it comes to the meat department, Trader Joe's isn't doing great. People often complain that it can be weeks between the time the meat is packaged, and when it arrives at your store. Then, add in however long you have it in your fridge, and you're asking for some trouble. Additionally, the sustainability practices at the chain when it comes to meat seem a little fishy — pun intended — so head to your local butcher shop if you're planning a big barbecue.