This Is What Pamela Anderson Did With Her Baywatch Swimsuit

It may have been a while since Baywatch wrapped, but that doesn't mean that the iconic show doesn't still hold a place in our hearts. Pamela Anderson starred on the series from 1992 to 1997 as C.J. Parker (per IMDb).

It may have been decades since Anderson hung up her swimsuit, but that doesn't mean that she's let it go completely. The star recently revealed that she held on to one of her iconic red swimsuits from Baywatch — and that she's been known to don it from time to time.

The actress told Fox News that she keeps the swimsuit close by in her top drawer. "It still fits!" she said. "I have worn it on occasion just to be funny with my friends," she added, saying that she'll jokingly come out of the pool while wearing the suit "to try to give them mouth to mouth!" For the most part, though, she wears the swimsuit "just around the living room."

Pamela Anderson was shy in her pre-Baywatch days

The fact that Anderson has held on to her swimsuit for so long isn't just proof of how much her time on Baywatch meant to her, it's also a symbol of how far she has come. Believe it or not, the confident bombshell who seems so comfortable strutting around in a skin-tight bathing suit and has been known to post scantily-clad photos of herself on Instagram, used to be quite shy. "But I got over it," she said. "I really hated that feeling. I realized that nobody cares as much about what you're wearing or what you look like other than you. Nobody cares as much as you do. You're your own worst critic. You always feel good if you just do it, just do something you really want to do. Afterward, you're so glad you did that."

The mom of two added, "I always say paint your own picture and what you want your life to look like and who you want to be because society tells us we have to be a certain way and we really don't have to be. There's really no rules."