The Truth About Renovation Island's Bryan And Sarah Baeumler

Your newest HGTV obsession is here. Renovation Island is centered on husband-and-wife team Bryan and Sarah Baeumler and follows their adventure of renovating a resort dating back to the 1960s. The catch? The resort just so happens to be on the remote island of South Andros, which they fell in love with on a 2017 vacation to the Bahamas.

The Baeumlers loved the island so much that they uprooted their lives in Canada to move there, and Renovation Island was born. The resort had been on the market for 10 years before the Baeumlers came along, so fixing up the property should prove to be quite the challenge.

The couple seems up to the task, though, and are focused on "sustainability and environmental preservation," as Bryan told Travel Weekly (via HGTV). Bryan added that sustainability and preservation are key in everything they're doing on the island "from sourcing ingredients for our restaurants to selecting our tour partners and establishing relationships with employees and suppliers."

Renovation Island's Bryan and Sarah Baeumler have a lot of experience

Bryan is a licensed contractor while Sarah is in charge of designing the 10-acre property, which consists of 18 hotel rooms, 22 villas, and several amenities including a restaurant, bar, club house, and spa. The Baeumlers are no strangers to taking on tough projects. The couple have also starred on House of Bryan, which aired on HGTV's sister network, DIY. Bryan also starred on the DIY shows Leave It to Bryan and Disaster DIY. The island resort, however, is their biggest project to date. "This is the biggest change our family has faced and the largest project we've ever taken on," said Bryan, who added that the Baeumlers are risking "absolutely everything."

According to their bios at HGTV Canada, Bryan learned his craft from his dad, an aircraft engineer. He started his own handyman business at the age of 14, has a degree in political science, and founded Baeumler Quality Construction. Sarah is part of the company as its project manager, and has worked on interior design projects on the couple's previous shows. 

Renovation Island's Bryan and Sarah Baeumler have four kids

The Baeumlers have four children: Quintyn, Charlotte, Lincoln and Josephine. Raising four kids on a remote island is no easy task as child care and schooling options are limited. As the Baeulers explained on Renovation Island (via House Beautiful), the couple originally started off homeschooling their three youngest kids, Lincoln, Josephine, and Charlotte. As things got busier at the resort, though, they had less time for homeschooling. They eventually decided to send the younger kids to a local Bahamian school.

The Baeumlers wanted to give their oldest child, Quintyn, a normal high school experience, though. Instead of sending him to a local school, the couple decided to send the 14-year-old off to boarding school. Fortunately, the school only ended up being a 20 minute flight from the island, so they were able to visit their son regularly while working on renovating the resort.

Renovation Island airs on Sundays on HGTV.