Inside Ellen DeGeneres' Incredibly Lavish Lifestyle

Who doesn't know Ellen DeGeneres these days? The famous talk show host and comedian has well and truly become a household name. DeGeneres began her career as a standup comic, before then shooting to fame in the '90s starring in the sitcom Ellen about a "neurotic" owner of a bookstore. In a now-famous moment of television, both DeGeneres the actor and Ellen the character came out as gay in one of the show's episodes, as described by Marie Claire.


Ellen DeGeneres experienced a stunning transformation and went on to become the host of the popular daytime talk show The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which, since 2003, has delighted audiences across the country. She is known for her friendly, happy demeanor, her cheerful humor, and her generous spirit. It's no wonder she's loved all over the world! 

What many people fail to realize, however, is that DeGeneres leads one of the most lavish lifestyles in the country. Keep reading to discover some of DeGeneres' most wildly extravagant purchases and her biggest buys over the years.

Ellen DeGeneres is one of America's richest self-made women

There's no doubt about it — Ellen DeGeneres has a serious amount of cash. It turns out, the popular daytime host takes home tens of millions of dollars each year and has a jaw-dropping net worth of $330 million, according to Forbes in 2019. To give you an idea of what kind of company she keeps in terms of net worth, Forbes listed DeGeneres alongside other wealthy superstars like Taylor Swift (with $360 million), Kim Kardashian West (with $370 million), and Beyoncé Knowles (with $400 million). As for her yearly income, Celebrity Net Worth estimated that DeGeneres takes home $75 million a year. Wow!


Essentially, DeGeneres is one of America's richest women and belongs to a list of talk show hosts who live insanely lavish lives. With all of this money, comes lots of influence. In 2015, she was named the 50th most powerful woman in entertainment by Forbes. It's no wonder DeGeneres is able to lead such a lavish lifestyle with this kind of net worth. But just how does the star choose to spend her cash?

Ellen DeGeneres has owned several expensive homes in California

Ellen DeGeneres doesn't get all of her money from her entertainment endeavors — she's also a real estate mogul, and we don't say that lightly. The star and her wife, Portia de Rossi, have reportedly bought and later sold around 20 gigantic properties since 2003, according to Architectural Digest.


In 2011, DeGeneres and de Rossi explained to Architectural Digest how real estate became a passion for them. "The first thing I did when I made money was buy a house," DeGeneres said, and De Rossi chimed in, noting DeGeneres then kept buying. In 2015, she told the Los Angeles Times that she learned "if you make some improvements, you can make money." 

The crazy thing about DeGeneres' house flipping is that she doesn't even see it as a hobby. She told the Today show, "We buy a house and we love it, and we stay in it. And then we get a little bored because we like a different style or different aesthetic — and I love furniture and I love decorating — so if I find something else and we make money ... why not move to another house?" Imagine having the cash to buy a new multi-million dollar home every few years just because you felt like having a new aesthetic.


Ellen DeGeneres' $27 million mansion is stunning

In 2019, Ellen DeGeneres purchased her largest and most extravagant home, as of this writing, according to Mansion Global, and the $27 million mansion in Montecito, Calif. was nothing short of lavish.

The 8,188-square-foot home is on a huge stretch on 8.24 acres of land. The home was built in Balinese-style and has five bedrooms and ten bathrooms, according to Metro. It also has several extravagant features such as a cabana, a private two-bedroom guesthouse, and a "basalt pebble infinity pool" with ocean views. It also boasts massive glass windows with views of the pool and the hills beyond.


Even though this home has everything one couple could possibly desire, we wouldn't be surprised if DeGeneres and wife Portia de Rossi sold the home and moved before long. This couple seems to love buying new mansions the way most people like buying a new pair of jeans!

Ellen DeGeneres has a garage full of priceless cars

Ellen DeGeneres' expensive taste doesn't stop when it comes to her lavish homes. The star is also fascinated by pricey cars. While DeGeneres loves giving away cars on her showshe also loves to own wheels herself. According to Hot Carsshe has quite a few impressive cars.


One car is reportedly the Ferrari California, a speedy and stylish vehicle from Europe. Back in 2012, she and wife Portia de Rossi were seen gliding along the California coastline in style in this lavish car. And at that time, the car would have likely had a $200,000 price tag! Next up is the Porsche 993. We all know that DeGeneres loves "Portia," but it turns out she loves "Porsche" cars too. She also has a Porsche Panamera, a more modern version of the older 993.

With all of these swoon-worthy cars in her collection, DeGeneres must have a difficult time choosing which sleek vehicle to take to the supermarket!

Ellen DeGeneres has a real passion for pricey watches

Ellen DeGeneres is a big fan of expensive vintage watches. We're hardly surprised, knowing what we know about DeGeneres' sophisticated, lavish tastes. According to Luxe Watches, DeGeneres has quite a few pricy timekeepers, one being the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master 40. Made for lovers of the sea, this is a Rolex with a contemporary twist. The stylish, sleek wristwatch was released in 2015 and sells for over $23,000


She also reportedly has a Rolex Cosmograph Daytona. Among watch enthusiasts, this piece is one of the most famous. Apparently, DeGeneres owns a few of these watches in different kinds of metals. With each watch selling for around $25,000, that's quite the collection! And that's cheap compared to her Patek Philippe Grand Complications, an ultra stylish gold watch that features an 18-carat rose gold case and three black dials. This lavish watch could set you back $250,000!

DeGeneres clearly doesn't hold back when it comes to spending big on her prized watch collection!

Ellen Degeneres loves giving others expensive gifts

Ellen DeGeneres doesn't just spend her money on herself. The talk show host is famous for her amazingly generous spirit. Whether it's a friend's birthday, a surprise on her show, or just a random act of kindness, DeGeneres never shies away from giving truly lavish presents to the people she cares about. 


One of her most famous gifts was a golden stroller with a chandelier for Melania Trump, according to People. However, on her show, she's given away lovely, extravagant presents to her viewers, including home makeovers, trips around the world, and college scholarships.

And DeGeneres doesn't stop at personal presents. She's also given away gigantic sums in the name of charity. On her talk show, she once pledged to donate to an organization that is against the importing of elephant-hunting trophies. She also gave away $500,000 from Lowe's to an elementary school in Detroit so they could rebuild the decrepit building. Her list of charitable donations goes on and on. We totally respect DeGeneres for wanting to share her wealth with those who need it most!


Even Ellen DeGeneres' ping pong table is extravagant

In their lavish mansion, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi likely have quite a few things with which they can pass the time. But one of their most excessive is probably the all-glass ping pong table that can be seen in a 2016 piece for Architectural Digestthough we're not sure if it's used.


This ping pong table is more of a work of art than a tabletop on which you can actually play. The table was designed by an Argentinian artist called Rirkrit Tiravanija and serves as a playful center piece for the couple's entrance hall. Tiravanija's work has been displayed at the Museum of Modern Art, at the ICA in London, and in countless other galleries around the world. It's safe to say that this custom-designed ping pong table is just one of the priceless pieces of art that DeGeneres has accumulated over the years. 

Ellen DeGeneres showers wife Portia de Rossi with lavish presents... and vice versa!

When it comes to Ellen DeGeneres' lavish and generous gifts, she tends to save the very best for her wife, Portia de Rossi. In 2018, DeGeneres sent de Rossi a giant ice sculpture that featured the words "I love you" for Valentine's Day when they couldn't be physically together on the day, as was seen in one of de Rossi's Instagram posts.


Other big gifts for de Rossi have included a super rare car, as DeGeneres discussed on her talk show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show. And not just any car — this was a car called The Defender that de Rossi had "obsessed" over for years. "They're hard to find. I found one in Texas. I had it trucked in," DeGeneres explained. The TV host then had to hide the vehicle in their attic, before she later parked it in a shopping parking lot for de Rossi to stumble across. So cute!

But the great gifts have gone both ways. De Rossi has given DeGeneres some pretty impressive presents too! One such gift was a pro poker coaching session with Vince Van Patten, as de Rossi shared on Instagram. Another lavish gift was a campus at the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund in Rwanda, as captured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. That certainly was not a little present! 


Ellen DeGeneres travels to some of the world's most coveted destinations

When it comes to jet setting, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi don't pull any punches. The two have traveled all over the world, from Europe to South America. DeGeneres isn't shy about showing off her incredible travels to her fans. On her talk show, she's shown home videos of her and de Rossi's extravagant trips, along with some funny moments (via The Ellen DeGeneres Show).


In 2015, the pair headed to Cape Town, South Africa, according to the Daily Mail. There they stayed at a picturesque lodge in Singita called Sabi Sands Reserve. In 2016, the couple headed to the Caribbean island St. Barts. The pair were spotted enjoying their time exploring the beautiful island and, according to the Daily Mail, dining with Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner on their personal yacht. In 2017, the couple set off yet again for a sunny trip to Mallorca, Spain, as was seen on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The couple also showed off the stunning beaches and beautiful views they experienced on Instagram. What a life!

Ellen DeGeneres always travels in style

It's not just the destinations that are lavish, but the way that Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi tend to travel is also extravagant. There's no beating around the bush — this pair just likes to travel in style.


On a 2018 trip to Africa, DeGeneres and de Rossi went on a Serengeti safari, as reported by Entertainment Tonight. De Rossi called it "the trip of a lifetime" in an Instagram post. In another Instagram post from de Rossi, the couple could be seen enjoying a delicious breakfast spread fit for queens. 

On a trip to London in 2019, the pair arrived on a private helicopter, according to the Daily Mail. Not a bad way to get a great bird's eye view of the famous British city. Later on the same trip, the pair met none other than Prince Harry and Meghan Markle — DeGeneres even dished on how she got to feed their baby, Archie!

Ellen DeGeneres loves luxurious living so much she made her own brand

If you ever needed another sign that Ellen DeGeneres is obsessed with luxurious living, look no further. DeGeneres went so far as to create her very own line of luxury lifestyle items in 2015, called ED By Ellen, as reported by Digital Spy. The brand's website offers everything from clothes to homeware goods. Apparently, DeGeneres was initially inspired to create the brand for her fans who wanted to dress in her distinctive chic-meets-comfort style.


In the homeware section, you'll find a wide range of stylish, monochromatic items including rugs, bedding, lighting fixtures, and more. Luckily, DeGeneres doesn't charge prices only she'd be able to afford for these items. A simple linen comforter set, for instance, sells for just $199.99. Given that she doesn't only buy beautiful home items but sells them too, it's clear DeGeneres can't get enough when it comes to luxury living.

Ellen DeGeneres enjoyed a lavish, star-studded 60th birthday party

For someone like Ellen DeGeneres, who lives in luxury pretty much every day of the year, we weren't surprised to hear that her 60th birthday party went above and beyond all expectations. In 2018, DeGeneres reportedly threw an epic, massive birthday party for herself, inviting some of Los Angeles' hottest A-list stars, as reported by the Daily Mail. Apparently, stars like Jennifer Aniston, Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Schumer, and Reese Witherspoon were all there to celebrate the big birthday.


To get an idea of just how extravagant this party really was, you just need to look at Portia de Rossi's Instagram video of the party decor being set up. It looks like the space was filled with chandeliers, velvet curtains, a giant stage, and even a professional-looking light and sound system for the big event. DeGeneres and her wife certainly didn't pinch pennies!

Ellen DeGeneres has a priceless art collection

When it comes to home decor, Ellen DeGeneres doesn't stop at rugs, cushions, and curtains. For DeGeneres, a home is not complete without some priceless works of art. Architectural Digest toured DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi's home in 2017, and got the inside scoop on the couple's incredibly impressive collection of art work.


Apparently, DeGeneres sought help from a few well-known art dealers and designers in Los Angeles, including Tommy and Kathleen Clements, Cliff Fong, and Harrison Holman. Some of the pieces in DeGeneres' home are nothing short of museum quality. She has work by famous modern artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat, Diego Giacometti, and Andy Warhol. She also has some older pieces like her 19th century Agra carpet, her Serge Mouille chandelier, a Spanish Colonial bench, a painting by Mark Grotjahn, and many more. With this much priceless art, we wouldn't be surprised if DeGeneres decided to open a museum before long!

Ellen DeGeneres wrote an entire book about her love of home design and style

By now, we all know that Ellen DeGeneres absolutely loves interior design. It shouldn't really be a surprise that she's sat down and written an entire book all about the hobby. DeGeneres' book Home is all about her love of luxurious living and her personal tastes. Architectural Digest reviewed the book in 2015. According to the magazine, the book takes its readers on the journey through DeGeneres' previous seven homes and shows them how each luxurious living space was created.


The book covers how DeGeneres has used A-list architects like A. Quincy Jones to perfect her various homes over the years. The book also includes stunning photography of each mansion and the unique, modern design used in each one. Looking at the breathtaking pictures of DeGeneres' various, pristine homes, it's hard to imagine living in that much luxury all year round, but that's just the norm when you're Ellen DeGeneres!