The Summer 2020 Makeup Trends You'll Definitely Want To Try

Summertime means summer makeup trends, and this year they're better than ever. While 2019 trends like contouring have been totally ditched, the no-makeup makeup trend (think natural and totally achievable beauty looks) is here to stay. But given the heat and all the problems that come with it (think humidity and sweat), you need to switch your focus to long-lasting products in order to reap the no-makeup makeup benefits all day. According to celebrity makeup artist Ash K. Holm, this means rethinking the way you prep your skin. "The key to long-wearing makeup is all about how you prep your skin—less is more," Holm explained to ELLE. "I would recommend staying away from face oils and instead go for an oil-free moisturizer," she added. 

Once your skin is prepped, start your no-makeup makeup, then incorporate one of 2020's many summer makeup trends for a little something extra. Here are three of our favorites.

Summer 2020 is all about minimalism, but with the right base

"Summer make-up should be about using minimal products with maximum results," makeup artist Mollie Gloss told ELLE. Basically, you don't want your make up to drip off when you sweat, so it's all about keeping your look as minimalist as possible to ensure it all stays in place. Gloss' holy grail summer product? IT Cosmetics CC Cream. "It's hydrating, lasts all day, and you can really manipulate the coverage depending how you apply it." She continued, "Plus, it has SPF 50 built in. I've used this on performers at sweaty festivals and it's never let me down." Look to natural beauty Miranda Kerr for inspiration.

'80s-inspired eyeshadow is about to be everywhere this summer

According to celebrity makeup artist Keita Moore, your eyeshadow is about to get a whole lot more colorful this summer. "The '80s have made a comeback," she told Marie Claire, and it seems Dior makeup artist Sabrina Bedrani completely agrees. "The latest fashion shows were full of neons, corals, vibrant orange-reds, saffrons, and greens, all of which felt very '80s-inspired to me," Bedrani added, explaining to Marie Claire, "These trends will transpire into makeup." Time to ditch the nudes you have come to love and get creative!

When it comes to blush, more is more

Just like eyeshadow, bold blush is also trending in a big way. "A pop of pink, peach, or magenta on the cheeks is going to benefit anyone who loves to pump it up a bit," Moore told Marie Claire. Apply it as you would your regular blush then add a bit more. "I'd pair a strong blush with a natural eyeshadow and subtle tint of color on the lips," she advised.