You Should Never Buy Walmart's Great Value Toilet Paper. Here's Why

Walmart is jam-packed with amazing deals, but sometimes opting for the lower-cost item can cost you more cash in the long run. Case in point: The retailer's Great Value product line, which was first introduced in 1993, spans more than 100 categories, and is America's largest food brand in both sales and volume, according to Walmart. A few Great Value products are a smart choice, such as the Twist & Shout chocolate sandwich cookies, which cost half as much as a package of Oreos, and taste nearly the same, per Allrecipes. Then, there is Great Value toilet paper, where the low price comes with shockingly low quality.

Now, you probably don't think very much about toilet paper — unless you run out — but if it doesn't do its job, it's a problem. You want it to feel soft, be strong, and fall apart quickly once in water to avoid clogging your pipes. Sadly, Great Value toilet paper falls short in all of these areas, coming in last place in testing. Per Consumer Reports, it's "neither soft, nor strong, and it didn't disintegrate well. It scored a lowly 9 out of a possible 100." And, while it may cost just 6 cents per 100 sheets, you'll have to use much more of this two-ply option, forcing you to buy more TP more frequently. Goodbye, savings.

The toilet paper you should buy at Walmart

Surprisingly, the answer to your toilet paper prayers (if you pray about that kind of thing) is just down the aisle at Walmart. Reach for White Cloud Ultra Soft & Thick toilet paper, another Walmart-exclusive brand. The difference? This one scored top marks from Consumer Reports due to its softness to the touch, strength when needed, and that it falls apart fast upon being tossed in the toilet, making it a CR best buy. So, basically the opposite of the lesser-quality brand. The superiority to the Great Value offering is likely because White Cloud's three-ply quality is matched by a great price of 25 cents per 100 sheets. 

As with most products on the market, it comes down to a balance of quality and price when you're shopping for toilet paper. Luckily, with a little expert help, it's easy to make the right decision for your bum and your wallet the next time you are shopping at Walmart.