The Truth About Storage Wars Star Brandi Passante's Kids

Audiences were first introduced to the children of the outspoken storage-hunting duo Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz in Storage Warswhich premiered in 2010. Their two kids popped up periodically as part of the couple's back story on this challenge-like reality series. And fans clearly couldn't get enough of the happy family searching for storage gold, as they earned their own spinoff show in 2014 titled, Brandi and Jarrod: Married to the Job

At the time, the A&E show's cast biographies listed daughter Payton as nine years old and son Cameron as 11, which would make them roughly 15 and 17 now. Payton was said to be a sweetheart, who loved candy, money, and music. While Cameron was described as full of charm and good looks with a goal to one day work in computers. A lot of things can change in six years, and you may be wondering what's been happening in the kids' lives.

Storage Wars Brandi Passante protects her family's privacy

Diving into the family's social media, we discovered an Instagram photo of both parents and children from 2018, showing that Cameron and Payton's professed love of roller coasters seems to still be a thing. And while we'd all love to see more photos of the two today, Passante doesn't often share pics of her kids on social media. Fortunately for fans, she did allow us a quick glimpse into the beautiful woman that Payton is growing up to be. Sharing on Instagram, the proud mom says, "I stopped posting photos of my babies. Because some creepy ass dudes were harassing them. I am reluctantly posting this because I am so proud of how beautiful my little is in her winter formal fit ... Don't be gross." 

While our few glimpses seem to show the children are becoming thriving young adults, the request for privacy for their well-being is an understandable reason we don't see them more often. Either way, we wish them success in any new endeavor!