Here's How 7 Little Johnstons Stars Amber And Trent Actually Met

TLC's 7 Little Johnstons stars Trent and Amber Johnston aren't your typical couple and their home life is far from typical, too. Their marriage has survived as long as it has because they're first and foremost a team. Both Trent and Amber have achondroplasia dwarfism. So do their five children — two biological and three adopted, the latter the couple chose to adopt as a means of giving them the best lives possible.

The aim of their show is to make the experience of little people more understandable for everybody watching at home, who have little to no knowledge of what it's like to live with dwarfism. As Trent told People, "I grew up in an all-little-people family. [But] we didn't have a 'woe is me' attitude. My parents raised us just like every other parent would raise their child." They might wish to be seen as normally as possible, but their love story is anything but ordinary.

7 Little Johnstons stars Amber and Trent met as teenagers

As noted by In Touch magazine, Amber and Trent met at a convention for little people when they were still teenagers. Amber explained to the Mirror that the event in question brings together people with dwarfism, so they can connect socially and also learn about any pressing medical issues affecting them. They hit it off immediately and, after dating for just over three years, made it official. Five months after their wedding, Amber became pregnant.

The couple confirmed to the Mirror that it genuinely was love at first sight for them. "I saw a gorgeous blonde-haired, blue-eyed, 16-year-old girl," Trent recalled, with Amber responding, "And I saw a very attractive young man with a funny personality." It was her first-ever relationship, but the two quickly became the best of friends and both just knew their love would last forever. Their wedding took place with over 300 guests present in November 1998.

Love and family are paramount for Trent and Amber Johnston

Although the couple was thrilled when Amber became pregnant, they admitted to the Mirror that the associated risks worried them, too. "There was a 25% chance our child would be of average height, and then a 25% chance that our child would have dwarfism but also be 'homozygous,' which means they wouldn't live much past birth," Amber explained. Thankfully, everything worked out, and nowadays the couple is busy taking care of their massive family.

TLC's 7 Little Johnstons, Amber hopes, will showcase how difficult it is for every first-time parent. As the mother of five explained to Good Housekeeping, "We won't make the right decisions all the time, or the kids aren't always on their best behavior. ... Just because we're little people and happen to have little people children doesn't automatically make us folks that know everything about our kids."