Here's How Much The LaBrant Family Really Makes From YouTube

The LaBrant family are social media royalty. Prior to YouTube, Mom Savannah initially got famous through the social media platform, where she had millions of followers, while dad/stepdad Cole was a Vine star also with millions of followers. It doesn't end there: Savannah's daughter Everleigh is a pint-sized social media hit in her own right. In fact, last year, she landed at number three on a list of the richest YouTube kids in the world, as calculated by U.K. site Childcare.

Never mind that Everleigh also has her own Youtube channel, Everleigh Opens Toys, boasting 3.3 million subscribers at the moment. Plus, she's got another channel, ForEverAndForAva, on which she appears alongside BFF Ava Foley, another tiny social media superstar — it currently has a whopping 1.84 million subscribers. It's safe to say YouTube is the LaBrant family's business, but just how much money are they raking in from displaying their wild familial antics online for all to see?

The LaBrant family are YouTube millionaires

According to Nailbuzz, the LaBrant family is earning some serious dough online. The LaBrant Fam, their dedicated channel, has 12 million subscribers and is growing by the thousands every day. To date, it has accumulated over four billion views with an average of three million views a day, which should generate around $15,000 per day or $5.5 million per year from the ads running on each video.

YouTube stars generally get paid two to seven dollars per 1,000 monetized views once YouTube has taken its share of the profits, with these views comprising anything from 40 percent to 80 percent of the overall views. Obviously, many factors contribute to these numbers, including where someone chooses to watch a video, on what device, and whether they watch the ads in their entirety. Advertisers bid a minimum of one cent per view. YouTube Red, which is based on watch time without ads, also contributes to stars' incomes. The longer someone watches a video, the more the creator can earn.

It's worth noting, too, that the LaBrant family make extra money from sponsored content for the likes of Aubible, Sugar Bear Hair and plenty more.