Mistakes Everyone Makes With Hot Rollers

Hot rollers may seem old school, but they definitely deserve a top spot in your beauty cupboard. According to Craig Taylor, creative director at Hari's in London (via Woman & Home), they're not to be forgotten, offering volume and movement. And that's especially true if you're struggling with flat hair. However, if you're going to invest, it's best you know how to use them, and more importantly, what mistakes to avoid so you don't end up damaging your hair (or wasting your time).

One of the biggest mistakes people make when using hot rollers is putting them in their hair when it's damp. "Make sure your hair is 100% dry," Cutler Salon stylist Fatima Sheikh told Refinery29. Christian Wood, a hairstylist at Highbrow, agreed, explaining, "If there's any moisture left, your style won't last." And like almost all hairstyling, prep is key. "Before using hot rollers, the hair should be shampooed, conditioned, and dried thoroughly. Make sure to apply a heat protectant before picking up your blow dryer," hairstylist and makeup artist Olivia Vandermillen of The Powder Room Los Angeles recommended to Oprah Magazine.

More mistakes we all make with hot rollers

In terms of putting the hot rollers in your hair, many people think they only need to apply them at the roots, but this is actually a big no-no. "When you're putting in the hot rollers, start at the ends of your hair, making sure they're wrapped around the roller," Wood advised. "Otherwise, you won't get that beautiful bounce." Once they're in, you also need to leave them long enough to set correctly. "The biggest mistake people make is removing the rollers too soon. Allow your rollers to cool completely before removing them to ensure the longevity of the style," Vandermillen said.

Once you've removed your rollers, whatever you do, do not reach for your brush. While it may be the norm when it comes to using a curling tong, brushing out your hair after using hot rollers is never a good idea. "Never brush waves or curls — you're just begging for frizz if you do!" Vandermillen warned. Instead, she suggests simply using your fingers and a touch of sea salt spray instead of traditional hair spray.