Christina Anstead Lives An Insanely Lavish Life

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Christina Anstead, who stars in the HGTV shows Flip or Flop and Christina on the Coastis enjoying the good life. After a very public divorce, this home flipper has landed on her feet. With her husband, Wheeler Dealers host Ant Anstead, a total of five kids in her blended family, and a gorgeous home in Newport Beach, Calif., it seems Anstead is doing quite well for herself.

But you might not realize just how lavish Anstead's lifestyle really is. According to People, she's been known to have "champagne tastes," and it appears that she's living out her most lavish fantasies. She has a backyard that's basically a small water park, she treats herself to luxurious vacations, she rocks a stunning wedding ring, and she throws grand parties. Read on to see what this HGTV star is up to and to get all the details on Christina Anstead's incredibly lavish lifestyle.

Christina Anstead has a super swanky home in Newport Beach

Christina Anstead is known for beautiful home renovations, so it's no surprise that that she treated herself to a lavish home in Newport Beach, Calif. While the home, which was featured on HGTV, was already impressive in its own right, there's lots of space for this blended family to be comfortable with four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a three-car garage.

While this large house may not have needed many updates, once Anstead and husband Ant purchased the property, they decided to update it with a "modern farmhouse vibe." In their kitchen, they enjoy a big island, an extra-large fridge, and sleek cabinets. They also enjoy a lavish two-story master bedroom with a sleeping and sitting space below and a loft space up above. As if that weren't enough, Anstead has a home office that's large enough to be a living room, which features its own show-stopping stone slab fireplace. 

It's a lot of house for a family, but it's no surprise that this famous flipper went all out when it came to designing her own home.

Christina Anstead's lavish backyard is a paradise

With Christina Anstead's home renovation experience, fans may not be surprised to see that her home boasts all the best features that are both beautiful and modern. But it's her home's lavish backyard that really wows. While this massive backyard was already beautiful when they purchased the property, with a pool and lots of room for Christina Anstead's kids to roam, the HGTV star updated this space to perfection with a whopping $200,000 budget. That price tag got her a gorgeous new pool that is twice the size of the old one. The pool includes a slide, a baja shelf for relaxing in shallow water, a swim-up bar, and a spa.

As if the pool wasn't enough, Christina Anstead also included lots of fun Instagram-worthy photo locations in the yard, like oversized letters spelling "Love." Plus, there's an outdoor kitchen with a full-sized dining room table and even a lavish cabana for relaxing. Their backyard looks like a resort. It's hard to believe this luxurious space is simply behind house!

Christina Anstead had a lavish wedding fit for two reality show stars

Celebrities have been known to throw lavish weddings, so perhaps it was no surprise when Christina Anstead tied the knot with a super luxe secret wedding in December 2018. That's right — the wedding was a surprise, even to the 70 guests who were told they were going to a boat parade, reported People. But once everyone was gathered, Anstead's wedding plans didn't disappoint. The couple had their intimate ceremony in their yard, and, for the reception, they had steak dinners in a tent filled with twinkle lights, chandeliers, and elegant décor.

Everyone was dressed to impress, including the bride, who wore a custom designer dress from Ines Di Santo. Anstead exclusively told People, "We added sleeves to a dress that didn't have sleeves, and we made them detachable so that I could walk down the aisle with this dress with long sleeves and lace and then take them off for the party." Nothing says luxury like customizations to a couture gown.

The luxury continued even after the ceremony when the happy couple left in a stunning white 1955 Rolls-Royce with "just married" written on the windshield.

Christina Anstead had an insanely lavish honeymoon in Bora Bora

Christina Anstead may have had a gorgeous wedding at her Newport Beach, Calif. home, but it was nothing compared to her lavish honeymoon with husband Ant in Bora Bora. According to People, the two stayed in the luxurious Four Seasons Bora Bora, where rooms can costs thousands of dollars a night. It's clear that these two didn't skimp when it came to accommodations because they even had a private pool by the water's edge. On Instagram, they showed off pictures of themselves sipping champagne and even jumping from their private dock into blue water.

Christina also posted one photo of her fairy tale honeymoon to Instagram in which she and Ant are kissing by the beach at sunset. She captioned it, "Magic hour." In a photo Ant posted, he and Christina sipped fruity cocktails by the beach. The post's caption read, "Bora Bora you have been a blast! Soaking up a few last minute cocktails!"

Christina Anstead takes her family on the most luxurious vacations

While Christina Anstead and her husband, Ant, may have treated themselves to a super luxurious private vacation for their honeymoon, they still love making vacations a family affair. According to Country Living, the lovebirds and their kids all took a trip to Hawaii where they spent time hanging out in the water and celebrating son Brayden's third birthday. 

Anstead posted a photo on Instagram of her and her kids enjoying the sunshine and surf on a paddle board. In the caption, she wrote, "Livin' the dream." It seems she's living the dream, indeed! Even her husband had to show off this epic family vacation with a photo of the six of them by the beach with a caption that read, "Absolutely EPIC first day in Maui!!"

Of course, the pair, who were not yet married at the time of the trip, took some time to mix in a little romance with their family vacation. In one photo, Anstead and her beau posed by the ocean. The caption of this photo read, "Luau with the kids at sunset and the sound of the waves crashing..... #magical."

Christina Anstead received a gorgeous 8.5 carat wedding ring

Nothing says luxury like over-the-top jewelry. To celebrate their nuptials back in 2018, Christina Anstead received a stunning wedding band from her husband, Ant, with a whopping 8.5 carats worth of diamonds, People reported. The ring is an eternity band style, with 16 emerald cut diamonds that go all the way around a "platinum band set in a double basket setting."

The ring comes from jeweler Randall Scott Fine Jewelry & Watches, which lists its prices for engagement rings as ranging from "under $1,000 and going over the $100,000 point." So, there's no telling what the Ansteads spent for this lavish ring, but, with that many diamonds on it, it seems that money is no object for this power couple.

As if that wasn't enough, it appears Anstead has been flashing a second massive solitaire ring that she wears on her ring finger with another, simpler band. It's not clear if this was an anniversary present or simply another wedding ring, but it's clear that she and her husband don't hold back when it comes to lavish jewelry!

Christina Anstead bought her husband a vintage Porsche for his birthday

Christina Anstead, one of several HGTV stars who live insanely lavish lives, is apparently great at giving her husband luxurious presents. For his 40th birthday back in March of 2019, she gifted Ant with a silver 1958 vintage Porsche 356A/1600 Reutter Coupe, which she posted a photo of on her Instagram, as reported by Entertainment Tonight. This gift even came complete with a big red bow on top!

Of course, Ant loves cars. Given how he even hosts the show Wheeler Dealers, he most definitely appreciated this lavish birthday present!

While there's no telling how much Anstead paid for this fabulous 40th birthday gift, it's clear that this car cost a pretty penny. A similar car, which was the same model as Ant's present, can cost a couple hundred thousand dollars. One of these vintage cars even sold for over $200,000 in 2019. That's quite a luxurious birthday gift! Clearly money is no object for Anstead.

Christina Anstead receives amazing gifts for her birthday

While most spouses might get each other a card and maybe a small gift for each other on their birthdays, Christina Anstead and her husband, Ant, celebrate in a big way. To celebrate Christina's 35th birthday in July 2018, Ant went all out with sky-writing and a weekend away, as reported by People

On Instagram, Ant posted a video of him telling Anstead that they were going on a surprise getaway. He told her he'd give her "no hints" except that their destination was "by the beach" and that she needed to grab only "a bikini." He captioned the video, "It's @christinaelmoussa birthday weekend. So I've planned a few surprises. Oh she's so so so nosey!!" He added, "Happy birthday to the single most amazing lady (now just sit back and chill)."

Later, he posted a glimpse of the skywriting, which read "I [heart] C." It looks like quite the over-the-top birthday celebration!

Christina Anstead had a super lavish baby shower at a fancy venue

With a super luxurious house and a stunning wedding, it seems only fitting that Christina Anstead get a lavish baby shower, too. Before the birth of her son Hudson, Anstead enjoyed a stunning party with 24 of her friends and family members. The festivities took place at the super posh Balboa Bay Resort in Newport Beach, Calif., reported People, a lavish hotel which overlooks the ocean and yachts.

Of the event, Anstead told People that she was "so grateful for my bestie/publicist Cassie for hosting the boho baby shower of my dreams." She went on to say, "It was such a dreamy day. Amazing friends, weather, decor and food ... what more could a girl ask for?!"

The party was wonderfully elegant, as reported Us Weekly, with a Himalayan bath salt station for guests, lots of desserts (including two cakes), and, as People reported, beautiful dream catchers. This baby shower looked fabulous!

Even Christina Anstead's baby is living the high life in his nursery

In order to prepare for her third child, Christina Anstead decorated son Hudson's nursery with all the best home decor and modern comforts a celebrity baby could ever want. And, of course, with Anstead's experience in home decor, this chic, modern nursery looked amazing. 

In one Instagram post, Anstead gave followers a tour of the nursery. In the caption, Anstead said, "Excited to share our little guys nursery. loving the boho vibes." She then went on to list where all the furniture and decor pieces came from. She explained that the rugs are from high-end store West Elm, and revealed that the recliner is from Olio (the model she appears to have costs over $1,000!) As could be expected, everything for the baby was totally top-notch!

The room is super stylish, plus it even includes its own balcony — a feature the other kids don't have in their rooms! By the time little Hudson was born, he had a stunning place to call home!

Christina Anstead's net worth is staggering

Christina Anstead has had a stunning career so far, making a name for herself with home renovations, enjoying the limelight with her hit show Flip or Flop, and starring in the HGTV show Christina on the Coast. Plus, she co-wrote a book, The Wellness Remodel: A Guide to Rebooting How You Eat, Move, and Feed Your Soul. So, it's no wonder that Anstead's net worth is impressive.

Back in 2017, E! News published a graphic of HGTV stars by the numbers, saying that Tarek El Moussa and Christina Anstead, who were still married at the time, had a combined net worth of $4 million. But things have only gotten better for Anstead since then. These days, she is enjoying lavish vacations and driving a white Range Rover, and she and husband Ant bought a home for $4.1 million, according to The Orange County Register. According to Celebrity Net Worth, she's now worth about $12 million.

Christina Anstead has the most lavish bathroom and closet

One of the best features of Christina Anstead's home is the master bathroom and closet. Anstead's bathroom is massive, which makes the space feel lavish in and of itself. Plus, it has a luxurious soaking tub with a view outside and a huge walk-in shower with a glass door and multiple shower heads.

But that's not all. The bathroom is connected to a walk-in closet that's large enough to fit all of Anstead's stunning style choices. In fact, she even showed off her closet reorganization on Instagram, saying, "I treated myself to an early Christmas present — ORGANIZATION. Since our baby boy came into our life our home has become clutter city ... especially my pantry and closet." In the photos, she showed off a massive walk-in closet the size of a bedroom and a huge collection of shoes. There's so much space in this gorgeous closet that it's no wonder she "found so many things I forgot existed." It's a closet big enough to get lost in!

Christina Anstead's home has some seriously amazing amenities

While style is always important for Christina Anstead, her Newport Beach, Calif. home also impresses with incredible amenities. Since Anstead's kids, Taylor and Brayden, reportedly loved their private movie theater at their last house, Anstead was sure to include a luxurious media room in the new home. Their home theater features reclining movie theater seats, lots of cozy pillows, and dark curtains for optimal movie viewing.

But the fabulous features don't end there! One of the most beautiful (and functional) features in her living space is a custom wine rack that her husband, Ant, built himself! This oversized wine rack is sleek, black, and modern, which gives the dining area a sophisticated feel. Plus, all that room is perfect for a large variety of wines, making choosing the perfect drink simple. And relaxing with that wine is probably easy to do in such lavish digs!

Christina Anstead once stayed in a castle

It's no secret that Christina Anstead is a big traveler, and, while being a frequent vacationer can be a luxury in itself, Anstead doesn't skimp when it comes to her trips. Once, when she and husband Ant were still dating, they planned a trip to London, as reported by People. However, when they got to the airport, Anstead was in for a big surprise: Ant had surprised her with a trip to Ireland. "This is me and Ant's first big trip together," she said in a clip of her show Christina on the Coast, as shared by People. "I'm just thinking that we're going to London, but then he surprises me and tells me we are headed to Ireland to a castle."

Later, Anstead posted a photo to her Instagram in which she, Ant, and Ant's two children are enjoying high tea at Dromoland Castle, captioning the photo, "High Tea in a Castle. Yes please. Just arrived at a fairytale destination in Ireland @dromolandcastlehotel ... going to be an amazing 3 days!"