The Stunning Transformation Of PewDiePie's Wife, Marzia

PewDiePie (real name: Felix Kjellberg) is one of the biggest and most controversial stars on YouTube. Felix started his Youtube channel, making primarily gaming content, in 2011. Since then, the Swedish YouTuber has gained 110 million subscribers to his channels. Fans of PewDiePie know Marzia Kjellberg as the internet megastar's wife.

Because PewDiePie shares a lot of his life on his channel, fans got the chance to follow the couple's relationship more closely than other celebrities. Viewers watched from the start of their relationship in 2011 all the way up to their fairytale-like 2018 wedding. As of this writing, Marzia and Felix live with their two pugs and appear just as in love as ever.

But there's a lot more to Marzia than her marriage to Felix. From her childhood in Italy, her own journey to YouTube stardom, and following her dreams to launch her own business, there's plenty to Marzia's story that even PewDiePie followers may have missed.

Marzia was a YouTube star too

In 2012, Marzia launched her YouTube channel, CutiePieMarzia, where she covered all things beauty, fashion, video games, and traveling — with PewDiePie frequently popping up to offer his two cents (via Cheat Sheet). Before long, she became the most subscribed-to Italian channel, as well as one of the most popular in the beauty category. 

Although she retired from posting videos on YouTube in October 2018, she still pops up in PewDie's videos from time to time. In one such video, shared in March 2019, Marzia told viewers that she initially really missed making content, but she is at peace with her decision to leave YouTube. "I miss being able to have a platform where I can speak about anything I wanted ... but at the same time, it has given me what I wanted, which is the time to focus on something else so [it] feels good to have that."

Marzia found success beyond YouTube

Thankfully, Marzia has found alternative avenues to explore her creative talents, voicing a character in the animated miniseries "Oscar's Hotel for Fantastical Creatures," as well as playing herself in video game "PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist," opposite her husband. She's also been in the TV miniseries "Pugatory," which is based on the life of her adorable pet pug, Maya. In addition, she published a young adult novel called "Dream House" in 2015.

Marzia has also released a clothing line, nail polish shade, and a selection of homeware products, per Tubefilter. In 2018, she launched Mai, a homeware brand packed with cute pieces. Marzia also manages unisex clothing and home decor brand Tsuki Market alongside PewDiePie. YouTube may be her hubby's main job, but Marzia seems to have discovered many of her passions lay outside the social media platform.

Her childhood spent in Italy is meaningful to her

Marzia Kjellberg is originally from the Vicenza province in Italy. Though she hasn't lived there for years, it's clear her home country still holds significance. In an interview with Evermade, she said, "Whenever I think of Italy, I think of a warm, safe space I can always go back to." She also described Italy as one of three countries she feels the most connection to. The other two are England, where she lives with her husband, and Japan, where PewDiePie proposed to her in 2018.

Though she's since moved away from home, in some ways, she's still the same girl from her childhood in Italy. In a 2019 Q&A video on PewDiePie's channel, Marzia and Felix answered a viewer's question about what they wanted to be when they were children. Marzia said she had wanted to run a boutique and admitted she still had the same dream.

It's exciting to see how she's now reaching her goals. Her home line, Mai Accents, had its first pop-up shop in March 2022. Young Marzia would be proud to see where she is today!

She started dating Youtube star PewDiePie in 2011

PewDiePie and Marzia Kjellberg seem like they were made for each other. But, before becoming the power couple they are these days, it seemed unlikely their paths would ever cross. In 2011, PewDiePie was living in Sweden and Marzia was in Italy. By chance, one of Marzia's friends showed her some of PewDiePie's videos, and after finding him funny, Marzia began messaging him on Facebook. At the time, Felix's Youtube channel didn't have the massive audience it does today. He messaged Marzia back, and the two began chatting regularly.

Despite the physical distance, they connected quickly. According to The Mirror, Felix began saving money to visit his long-distance girlfriend and made multiple visits to Italy within just 12 weeks. It seems Marzia knew Felix was the one because within a few months of meeting him, she quit her studies in Italy to move to Sweden and be with Felix. The following year they moved to Brighton, England, a lovely location between their two home countries, where they've lived ever since.

She had to push herself to open up to people

In a 2016 blog post, Marzia Kjellberg (then Bisognin) shared the meaning behind her tattoos. One of her tattoos simply says, "shy." She explained, writing that she'd been "incredibly shy" her whole life. Sometimes that shyness made it hard for her to open up to new experiences, including "simple things, like going to the grocery store alone, talking to a stranger on the street, [and] making new friends."

For a while, she was in a dark headspace in which she didn't want to go out at all. "I just closed myself inside the house; I would see nobody other than Felix," she said. Marzia decided to get the "shy" tattoo after coming out of that period to remind herself of the progress she'd made "in opening up to people and pushing myself to do things I wanted to do but had always been [too] afraid to even try."

She added that she doesn't see being shy as something she has to change about herself. "It doesn't mean I don't have opinions, or I'm not interested, or I don't want to be a part of something — I do, but in my own way," she said.

She's struggled with body image issues

It may be hard to imagine that someone like Marzia Kjellberg, who was known for posting beauty and fashion videos on Youtube, struggles with insecurities. But Marzia has been open about her body image issues. "It's no secret that growing up, I was very insecure about my body: all the girls in school started to develop, and I had no meat on me," she wrote in a 2016 blog post. "All the clothes were too big, boys made fun of me for not having curves, girls teased me as well — and worse of all — teachers and grown ups did so too."

More recently, in a 2020 Instagram post, Marzia shared two photos of the right side of her face. She used the caption to explain that the whole time she was posting videos, she hid that side of her face. "My face is so [asymmetrical] I always found it embarrassing. When I started making videos, I found out my favourite angles and stuck with what I liked best ever since. ... I pretty much banished the right side of my face from being [in] photos." she wrote.

But, she's been working to accept herself the way she is. In the same Instagram post, Marzia finished by writing, "I am trying to embrace the side of my face I was never fond of. ... Here is my attempt to being more comfortable in my own skin from now on."

Marzia felt overwhelmed by Youtube fame

After launching her Youtube channel, Marzia gained subscribers fairly quickly, partly because many fans knew her from PewDiePie's videos. As his channel blew up, so did hers, and she was understandably overwhelmed by the attention. Looking back, she explained, "I was thrilled for Felix, but I felt like I was a fraud. ... I definitely didn't deserve all the attention. I just happened to know someone who did."

All that pressure came to a head in October 2018 when Marzia uploaded her video "Goodbye Youtube." In the video, she shared the struggles she'd been having with her viewers and explained that she'd decided to step away from Youtube. "This might seem so sudden to most of you, probably, but it is something that I knew for a long time, especially this year. I struggled to find a reason to keep going," Marzia said. Along with uploading her goodbye message, Marzia also deleted a lot of her old content.

Though her leaving her channel was disappointing to some fans, it seems it was the best decision for her. As of this writing, she continues to document her life on Instagram and appears on her husband's channel occasionally so their followers can still keep up with her.