Is It Safe To Get A Haircut?

COVID-19 has well and truly changed the way we approach any task, from shopping for clothing to getting public transport. And when it comes to getting a haircut these days, it's no different. "We're at a point where some people are not taking it as seriously as others and although there are rules to follow, not everyone does," celebrity hairstylist Rikki Gash tells The List. As a result, safety measures and rules differ from salon to salon, making it hard to know whether or not it's safe to get a haircut. 

Ultimately, getting a haircut right now poses some risk, and there's a long list of questions that need to be answered before you should make a booking. And while many businesses will state their COVID-19 related guidelines on their websites or social media, it's your responsibility to ask all the right things before you lock in a date to ensure the salon of your choice is up to your personal standards. 

Ask your hair stylist these questions before making an appointment

When making a booking for a haircut, Gash suggests being prepared with several key questions. Per Gash, ask, "Are they sanitizing the station and all tools between clients, are they wearing a mask at all times and are they changing gloves frequently? Did they get tested before returning to work? Is the salon as a team following all the guidelines and are they providing testing for their staff?" She then adds, "A lot of salons do weekly testing of all staff members and that's a good indication to feel safe and that the salon, in general, is taking all the steps they should."

If you do decide to go ahead with an appointment, it's also important to be aware that the staff are risking their health just as much as you are risking yours, and you should be doing everything you can to keep them safe. "Bring your own hand sanitizer, mask, food, and beverages when you go to your appointment so you'll reduce contact with the salon and stylist," recommends Gash.