Core Workouts You Can Do At Home Without Weights

When it comes to working out, most people usually fall into one of two categories: those who love the gym and those who hate it. But even if you're in the latter category, it doesn't necessarily mean that you don't enjoy working out. You may just not want to do it surrounded by sweaty bodies, preening and admiring themselves. So what's a good alternative? Look no further than your very own home, where you can burn some calories without even having to buy any weights or other equipment. 

In fact, there are many different exercises you can do at home without the fancy trappings of a gym. And it's a workout that you'll love the more and more you do it. "By using your own body weight as resistance, you can effectively activate your muscles to strengthen and tone your body while focusing on the mind-body connection, targeting strong form and technique," Andrea Rogers, founder of Xtend Barre (you can find her classes at OpenFit), tells The List

Here are two of her favorite core workouts that you can do at home without weights.

Planking is a great at-home, core workout

The first equipment-free exercise targeting your core that you can do at home is the plank, says Rogers. Simply hold yourself up in the classic plank position with your arms long and hands positioned directly under your shoulders. Then, challenge yourself by adding hip dips, which means rocking your hips from side to side to engage and sculpt your obliques. Rogers suggests aiming for 16 to 32 repetitions for the best results. You can also take things up a notch with something called a passe plank by remaining in plank position, then bringing one leg towards your chest and alternating for eight to 16 reps.

The second equipment-free exercise targeting your core is the single-leg extension. "Lying on mat, float one leg at a time to tabletop position," explains Rogers, adding that you need to lift your chest at the same time (in other words, you should be able to see your abdominals). Next, "draw [your] right knee into the chest, while extending [your] left leg long, " she continues. The key here is to begin alternating legs at a moderate pace for 16 to 32 reps.

So, why not try listening to our expert? If you're trying to tone up your core and sharpen your abs, you can simply stay home and save big on a gym membership!