This Is The Zodiac Sign That's Considered The Most Romantic

Everybody has their own unique approach to relationships, but there are certain elements to our personalities that make us more likely to be romantic, or at least more open to the whole concept, than others. We all have the ability within ourselves to be loving, committed, and respectful — particularly when paired up with partners we really care about — but there are traits inherent to those born under the applicable zodiac signs that make them more susceptible to romance.


Whether it's planning the perfect surprise, engineering a heart-stopping proposal, or just making a partner feel special, there's one particular zodiac sign that's guaranteed to sweep all others off their feet. That's not to say any sign is particularly bad at being romantic, just that there's one in particular who's so adept at it, they're practically greeting cards come to life, complete with a poem and a gooey message.

Romance is inherent to Pisces

As Bolde notes, of all the zodiac signs, Pisces are easily the biggest dreamers. They can make a simple romantic stroll feel like a trip to Paris, or a candle-lit dinner feel like a rom-com come to life. Romance is, very simply, in their blood meaning that making their partner feel like the only, and most important, person in the world comes naturally to them. Pisces are adept at making quality time feel extra special, so the real world essentially doesn't exist while you're with them.


Likewise, the experiences they cultivate with partners are designed to provoke feelings of incredible closeness. They're also willing to sacrifice anything, and give everything, for their one true love. Pisces are fighters, and they'll always put you first, especially when it comes to making all your dreams come true. Just when you're thinking it couldn't possibly get any better, Pisces turns the romance up to 11.

Pisces is all-in for romantic fantasy

Pisces are incredibly compassionate, which further explains why they're considered the most romantic sign, as The Talko advises. Although it may grate on the more cynical zodiac signs, Pisces are living their own fantasy every day and, as natural dreamers, they just want their partner to fantasize with them. They're driven by the classic, old school love story but also have no issue with their own company, provided it means they're waiting for the right person to come along and join their romantic quest.


Finding that ideal partner motivates them to keep pushing through life's hardships, but it also means they can be overly trusting and can even ignore their own happiness in service of someone else's. Pisces will always help those in need and are even known to put themselves in danger for somebody they love, meaning they can be reckless, however romance is their first language and you'll never doubt their commitment to make the dream a reality.