What Your Lipstick Print Says About Your Personality

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You're probably familiar with the idea of reading lips, but what about reading lipstick? We're talking about the mark your made-up mouth makes when you place a perfect pucker on a love letter before dropping it in the mail to that special someone. Just like reading palms or tea leaves, being able to interpret what someone's lipstick print means is, indeed, a thing. It's called "lipsology" (per MindBodyGreen). Everything from the shape of your kiss to the boldness of your pucker are clues into what kind of person you may be, this concept purports. 


Lispology first achieved mainstream fame in 2013 when it was touted on The Doctor Oz Show. "A lip print tells you about personality traits, energy levels, emotions — even health issues," certified lip print reader Anna Snodgrass (who does readings under the name Ariana Lightningstorm) explained on this two-part episode. Indeed, she was able to conclude of one of her clients, "This gal gets headaches," because of a specific mark her upper lip made (via Instagram). Lightningstorm, like others in her profession, shares her expertise at events like bridal showers and girlfriend weekends, for a fee.

How to interpret your lipstick print

Want to know what your lipstick print is saying about you? (Or maybe you found some lipstick on your guy's collar and want to gander a guess about the other woman?) Grab a piece of paper, coat your lips with a nice layer of your favorite hue, then kiss that paper. If you see a solid ring of color, you're a high energy person, according to Jilly Eddy, author of Lipsology: The Art and Science of Reading Lip Print. If your upper lip barely made a mark, that means you're really picky. Not surprisingly, if the whole kiss is barely there, you're tired; you just didn't have the energy to give that paper your all.


According to Eddy, you can also sleuth out some clues by looking for symbols within the kiss mark, like a "V" indentation between your lips, which indicates you're romantic. And if the shape of your lips isn't a smooth circular or triangular shape, that could be a sign that you're artistic.

One thing a lipstick print reading will not tell you is whether you're going to win the lottery, land your dream job, or find true love at last. "It's not like fortune telling," lipsology client Jacqui MacMillan told The Baltimore Sun. "It's more like a counseling session."