The Biggest Mistake You're Making When Coloring Your Hair At Home

If you've ever tried to dye your hair at home, you'll know the chances of something going wrong are relatively high. So before you even think about choosing a color from the endless boxes of dye at your local drugstore, you should probably be aware of the biggest mistake those who dare to do it home often make. Read on to find out what not to do (and what to do instead) when dying your hair at home.

"I have seen the goodish, baddish and definitely the most frightening!" Frank Friscioni, master color designer at Oon Arvelo Salon, tells The List. The mistake he sees most often? Not investing in the best hair dye for your hair. Instead, "reach out to your person at the salon and ask for your colorist's recommendation for a drugstore or beauty store or Amazon store formula," says Friscioni. If you think about it, no one knows your hair better than your hairstylist and they'll only be happy to help.

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Another big mistake is not following the instructions on the pack. Although it may seem obvious, it's something people seem to relax about when they shouldn't. And worse still, according to Friscioni, is applying the color from your scalp to the very ends of your hair. "If you cover the entire head, the roots will end up being a little lighter and the ends will grab more color and end up darker. Not pretty!" he warns. Instead, "always apply the box color to the roots to avoid overlapping." He also advises taking your time to apply the dye to your hair in sections.

Lastly, if you have gray hair, the biggest mistake is often slightly different. And it all comes down to not leaving the dye on for long enough. "Most box color formulas have limited coverage," Friscioni points out. "I would recommend an extra 10 minutes more for gray coverage."